Who is Münir Özkul?

Münir Özkul (August 15, 1925, Istanbul - January 5, 2018, Istanbul), Turkish comedic, theater and film actor.


Münir Özkul is a graduate of Istanbul Erkek High School. He started his artistic career when he was a high school student in 1940 with theater in Bakırköy Community Center. He attended Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and the Art History Department of the Faculty of Letters for a while.

He became professional with the play “Aşk Köprüsü” staged at Ses Theater in 1948. He then moved to Küçük Sahne, directed by Muhsin Ertuğrul. During this period, he played in John Steinbeck's Mice and People (1951), John Millington Synge's Babayiğit, George Axelrod's Summer Bachelor (1954), John Patrick's Teahouse (1955). Later, he worked in Istanbul City Theaters (1958-59), Ankara State Theater (1959-60) and Bulvar Theater in Istanbul Aksaray with his friends in his own company (1960-62). Between 1963-67 he toured with various groups; There were times when he was away from the stage. He worked with actors such as Sadri Alışık, Cahit Irgat, Nevin Akkaya and Şükran Güngör in private theaters.

He returned to the City Theaters in 1978. In 1983-84, he appeared at the Dormen Theater with Jean Anouilh's play "The General's Love", which was previously staged in his own company (1961) and attracted great attention. In the mid-1980s, he joined Ferhan Şensoy's Ortaoyuncular ensemble and said goodbye to the stages after taking part in four plays, including “İstanbul'u Satiyorum”.

Özkul won the Ilhan Iskender Award for his role in Sadık Şendil's Kanlı Nigar, played in the Altan Karındaş ensemble in 1968. Again, following this success, İsmail Dümbüllü gave the symbolic turban, which he took over from Kel Hasan, to Özkul (Özkul handed over this turban to Ferhan Şensoy in 50.). She won Avni Dilligil (1989), Ulvi Uraz (1978), İsmet Küntay (1978) and İsmail Dümbüllü (1979) awards for her role in Haldun Taner's play Sersem Koc's Kurnaz Wife (1979).

Özkul started to act in cinema since the 1950s. Edi and Büdü, Fisherman Beauty and My Heart's Song are the highlights of his early films. He was praised for the characters he portrayed in cinema after 1965.

In the 1970s, he played important roles in films with large staff and usually directed by Ertem Eğilmez. One of his most well-known roles was the character of “Kel Mahmut”, the sweet tough vice principal of the Private Çamlıca High School in the Hababam Class series that became synonymous with him. Some of the family films with crowded staff that were shot during this period when Özkul was in the cast are Blue Beads, Our Family, Family Honor, Smiling Eyes, Joyful Days, Gırgıriye and Empathy. Together with Adile Naşit for most of these films, she formed one of the unforgettable duo of Turkish cinema. After 1980, he took part in many films shot for the current video.

Özkul, who has appeared in more than 200 films throughout his career, won the "best actor" award at the 1972 Golden Orange Film Festival with his play in Sev Kardeşim. He won a special award at the 1977 Azerbaijan Film Festival for his role as "Yaşar Usta" in the movie "Our Family". He also worked as assistant director in the movie "Süt Kardeşler".

The character of İbiş, portrayed in "İbiş's Dream", which was transferred from Tarık Buğra's novel to television and portrayed a section of Naşit Özcan's life story, is also among the unforgettable. Although he stayed away from acting in the 90s, when television series started to become widespread, Alien starred in TV series such as Zekiye, Ana Kuzusu and Şaban and Şirin. Finally, in the early 2000s, the rating Hamdi, in which Hamdi Alkan's character “Yarmagül” played his grandfather, was in front of the camera on the television program.

The 1980th year of art was celebrated with a jubilee in 40 and the 1996th year of art was celebrated at the Atatürk Cultural Center in 55. In 1998, Münir Özkul was awarded the title of "state artist" by the Ministry of Culture.

Private life

Özkul was married four times and had three children. His first wife is Şadan, his second wife is Suna Selen, his third wife is Yaşar, and his last wife is Oman Özkul, whom he married in 1986. He is the father of the actor and server Güner Özkul. According to Güner Özkul, his father "was not afraid of marriage, but he was afraid not to divorce".

Özkul, who spent most of his life fighting alcohol, quit alcohol completely in the mid-1990s.

Disease and death

Özkul, who has been struggling with dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease since 2003, has not wanted to go out of his house and meet with anyone since then. The actress, who suffered from memory loss due to her illness, thought that many of her deceased acquaintances were alive. Unfounded death reports came out many times during his long illness. He died at the age of 5 in his home in Cihangir district of Beyoğlu on January 2018, 92. He was buried in the family cemetery in Bakırköy Cemetery after the funeral prayer at Teşvikiye Mosque, following the commemoration event held at Harbiye Muhsin Ertuğrul Stage on January 7, 2018.

Theatrical plays 

  • Love Bridge
  • I'm Selling Istanbul (1987-88)
  • Abstract Sultan
  • Dumb husband's cunning wife
  • Çayhane
  • Of Mice and Humans
  • Kesanlı Ali Epic
  • Tired Matador
  • hababam class
  • Babayigit
  • Summer Single
  • The General's Love
  • Bloody Nigar


Year Movie Role
1950 Favorite of the Third Selim
1951 Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha
1951 Married or single
1951 Lale devri
1951 Vatan and Namık Kemal
1951 Yavuz Sultan Selim and Janissary Hasan
1952 Edi and Büdi
1952 Edi and Büdü Theater
1953 Fisherman Beauty
1953 Carpet Girl
1955 A love story
1955 Key / A Love Story
1956 Song of My Heart Munir
1956 For Inheritance
1958 Gilded cage
1958 Slander
1959 homesickness
1960 Doll
1960 Yaman Journalist Yaman
1961 A spring evening
1961 Brat
1965 65 Hosni
1965 Who knows wins
1965 Cezmi Band 007.5
1965 Don't Touch I Disrupt
1965 Hearts
1965 Bullet with the Sore Saucepan Münir
1965 'Blood Carries the Body Poison Hafiye
1965 Card Rooster
1965 Once a year
1965 Yigit Sev
1965 Endless Nights Zuhtu
1965 Liar's Candle
1965 Stubborn Bride
1965 Are you sweet Wow Wow
1965 We Have Driver Nebahat Misdemeanor
1966 I'm a Street Woman
1966 A Nation Awakens Fox Corporal
1966 Sailors Are Coming
1966 I Loved A Poor Girl
1966 I love you
1966 My Darling Was An Artist
1967 goodbye
1967 The Girl You Slut
1967 Wet eyes
1967 Double Gun Groom
1967 Till I die
1968 I will not love anymore Ahmet
1968 Stranger in my heart
1968 Bloody Nigar Suitable
1968 My Black Eyed
1968 'Nilgun
1968 Urfa Istanbul Doctor
1968 Highland Eagle
1968 There is a Revel in Istanbul
1969 Ayşecik and Ömercik Marten Nuri
1969 They Call Me Highlighter
1969 Empty Frame Ferhat
1969 The poor daughter Leyla
1969 Bride Aysem
1969 April Rain
1969 The bride in love
1969 My dear father
1969 Sleepless nights
1970 Ali and Veli
1970 Honey Honey Honey Honey
1970 Berduş Girl
1970 All Love Begins Sweet
1970 Attention Blood Wanted
1970 Don't come back to me darling
1970 My life is sacrificed for you Mehmet
1970 Lord of my heart
1970 Black Berry
1970 Little Lady
1970 What a Seven Doesn't
1970 Last Angry Man
1970 My sweet angel
1970 yavrum
1970 Fist Market
1970 Birds Without Nest
1970 Driver Nebahat
1971 Ayşecik and the Magical Dwarfs in the Land of Dreams
1971 Love story Sugar Ahmet
1971 For the sake of love
1971 Like a Baby Mashallah Hosni
1971 Expected Song
1971 White Butterflies
1971 Beyoğlu Guzeli
1971 Donchette False Knight
1971 Heart Thief Salih rice
1971 Hayat Sevince Güzel
1971 My life is yours
1971 Velvet Pouch
1971 Once a year
1971 Like a Fading Leaf
1971 The Last Hiccup
1971 Ahmet from Tophane
1971 7 Hormuz with husband
1971 Against the Ibish Gangsters
1971 Here is the Camel, Here is the Trench
1972 Death of the Lions
1972 Karaman Sheep
1972 Under That Tree
1972: Love brother Mesut Guler
1972 My sweet tongue
1972 Repentant sinner
1972 Give me God give
1972 The fate of the valiant
1972 Three Lovers
1973 Suffering Ahmet
1973 Intention
1973 Oh get it Master Burhan
1973 False Half
1973 Chulsuz Ali
1973 Saban in Istanbul
1974 Five Chickens One Rooster
1974 gariban Poet Cevat
1974 Longing
1974 Blue bead Father Yasar
1974 Idiot Millionaire Sergeant Mehmet
1974 Lives Neither Lives nor Lives
1974 hababam class Bald Mahmut
1975 Can You Give Five Million Loan Munir Ozkul
1975 Our family Yasar
1975 Night Owl Zehra
1975 gülşah
1975 My Friend's Class Remained Bald Mahmut
1976 Family Honor consent
1976 My class is awakening Bald Mahmut
1977 Children of Heaven Hasan
1977 smiling eyes Yasar Usta
1977 My class is on vacation Bald Mahmut
1978 My chaos gives birth to nine Bald Mahmut
1978 Happy Days Kazım
1979 Tears of Love
1979 Male Beauty Miserable Bilo hüso
1979 Ibiş's Dream Nahid
1980 Banker Bill Hasan
1980 Crazy in Germany
1980 Ibiso
1981 Our Street
1981 Madman Ward
1981 Girgiriye Emin
1981 There is a Festival in the Whirlpool Emin
1982 Gilded cage
1982 The crying didn't laugh?
1982 Remember me
1982 One Sip of Happiness
1982 Here, Cümbüşe
1982 Wind of Wrath
1982 Clumsy's
1982 wet wipes Magnitude
1982 Fortune Bird
1982 Şıngirdak Şadiye
1983 Thanks to friends Tahir Baba
1983 There's a Revel in the Gırgıriye Emin
1983 Relationship
1983 Confused Duck
1984 Livelihood Bus Nasreddin
1984 Great Choice in Gırgriya Emin
1984 Girls Class Mahmut Hodja
1984 I'm desperate
1984 Confused Bride
1985 Cardinal sin
1985 Everyday Holiday
1985 Will you hear my cry
1985 My Strange Gazelle
1985 Turning the Corner
1985 Lovebirds
1985 Ranters
1985 Yellow Ox Coin
1985 Ya Ya Şa Şa Şa Hasan
1985 Stolen Life
1985 Şişeli Village
1986 This is our article
1986 Mom's lap
1986 Fathers Also Cry
1986 Can't Get Out of Heaven
1986 I am a strongman, brothers
1986 Bread Money
1986 Who Bit The Apple
1986 Gülmece Güldürmece / My Poppies
1986 My lamb
1986 Little Agam
1986 The Most Beautiful of Destiny
1986 Girls Class on Vacation
1986 Fendi of Melek Hanim
1986 Billionaire Mahmut
1986 Look At Joy
1986 Töre
1987 Afife Jale
1987 Family Pension Murtaza
1987 Finding
1987 Missile Nuri
1987 Sin
1987 Unfortunate Servants
1987 Siege 2 / Shock
1987 Bus Passengers / İhsaniye - Karasu
1987 Key point
1987 I have to live
1987 Home Destroyed
1987 Years
1988 A Ay
1988 Bitter expatriate
1988 Arabesque
1993 Take My Lips
1993 Zeyrek Slope Emin Master
1996 The Moon is Hidden in Its Light


Year Dizi
1979 Ibiş's Dream
1984 Corner Spinner
1987 Alien Zekiye
1991 The Price of a Lifetime
1991 Suppose Ismail
1993 Nasreddin Hodja
1994 Girls Class
1996-1997 Mother Lamb
1997 Saban and Smurf
2000-2002 Rating Hamdi


Year Prize Notes
1967 Gift of İlhan İskender Bloody Nigâr with the game
1972 9th Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Actor Award Love brother
1991 The Dumpling Award
1997 Golden Butterfly Awards Honor Award
1999 Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Performing Arts "Muhsin Ertuğrul Theater Labor Award"
2004 37th Cinema Writers Association Awards Honorary Award
2006 International Istanbul Theater Festival Honor Award
2014 18. Afife Theater Awards, Muhsin Ertuğrul Special Award :
2015 Republic of Turkey Presidency Culture and Art Grand Award. 

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