Who is Müslüm Gürses?

Müslüm Gürses or by his birth name Müslüm Akbaş (born May 7, 1953; Fıstıközü, Halfeti, Şanlıurfa - Date of death 3 March 2013, Istanbul), Turkish arabesque and folk music artist. Worldwide, "Father of Arabesque", while in Turkey "arabesque Father" and "Muslim father" as is well known.

In recent years, adding some pop and rock style pieces to its repertoire, Nilüfer's "Not Yar", Teoman's "Paramparça", Tarkan's "Instead of Us", Bülent Ortaçgil's "Without You", Murathan Mungan's "No Mektubun" He also voiced Kenan Doğulu's "Can't Hold Time" and Şebnem Ferah's "Cigarette".

Gurses, who appeared before the camera for the first time in 1979 with the movie "İsyankar", took part in 38 movies in total.

Sanliurfa period

Her mother, Emine Hanım, and her father, Mehmet Bey, met in a village in the Halfeti district of Şanlıurfa, which was formerly known as Tisa but whose name was changed to Fıstıközü in the 1960s. When they got married in 1951, they were only 17 years old, living in poverty. He was born on 7 May 1953 as the first child of Emine Hanım and Mehmet Bey in a mud-brick house in Fıstıközü village of Halfeti district of Şanlıurfa. The date of birth of Müslüm Gürses is stated as July 5, 1953 in some sources and in his identity, but Müslüm Gürses stated the actual date of birth in the Esra Ceyhan Show program hosted by Esra Ceyhan on September 16, 1998 and Beyaz Show, presented by Beyazıt Öztürk on January 26, 2007. It was announced as May 7, 1953.

His father, Mehmet Akbaş, is a farm worker. When Müslüm came to the world, the financial difficulties started to become even more troublesome, and soon after, the Akbaş family had another child named Ahmet. When it became very difficult for them to live in this village, Emine Hanım talked to her relatives and said that they should move in order to live a better life. Müslüm is five years old and Ahmet is one year old when they collect their belongings and set off.

Adana period

They had arrived in Adana Hürriyet Mahallesi with great hopes. Here their hopes would turn into indescribable pain. Poverty was still the same poverty. It was not difficult for them to get used to this neighborhood. Father Mehmet Akbaş has already gotten used to it and soon his nickname was Deli Mehmet. Emine Hanım started to work, and Müslüm had to take care of his brother Ahmet while he was away. At that age, Müslüm's behavior was like a mature man, he never had a child. Even when he started school, he was never able to play with his peers and sat on the sidelines and watched those who were playing. When he left school, he immediately ran home and helped his mother. During this period, another sister was born and the responsibility of Müslüm started to increase even more. Muslim had to learn life early here, and his elbow was not rotted at school desks, but at the tailor's loom in the shoemaker.

Art life

Müslüm Gürses started singing in 1965 at a young age, singing in a tea garden in Adana, and also went to the community center. He worked as a tailor's apprentice and shoemaker, he appeared on the stage at a casino in those years. In addition, after graduating from primary school, when he was 14 years old, he participated in the competition held in Adana Family Tea Garden in 1967 and became the winner. Drawing attention with her voice at a young age, Gürses said the following about that period in an interview with him: “I finished primary school. There is no rest. I read long air while lying on the roof in Adana. My friend was going to the Community Center. I went too. Then I became an artist on Çukurova Radio ”.

They change their surname as “Gürses” while working there.

Since 1967, he sang live folk songs every week on Saturday on TRT-Adana-Çukurova Radio. From 1968 on, the first 45s began to be released on the market. The first plate is Emmioğlu / Ovada Taşa Basma, dated 1968, and Ömür Plak is an Adana edition. Ömür Plak made a total of 4 pieces of 45.

Gürses, who came to Istanbul, made two 2 records with Sarıkaya Plak, owned by Selahattin Sarıkaya: Dressed, Kuşan Selvi Boylum / Come with My Life, You Are Ruined, Come / Haram Aşk.

Later, in 1969, again in Istanbul with Palandöken Record company, the first release song Sevda Yüklü Kervanlar, Sevda Yüklü Kervanlar / Vurma Güzel Vurma was released. This record broke a record by selling 45 copies.

Gürses did his military service after this record, came back to Istanbul and continued to release his records in the same company. He made 13 records with Palandöken Plak, then 4 with Bestefon Plak, then 15 with Hülya Plak and finally two 2 with Çınçın Plak.

In 1999, he parted ways with Elenor Plak, where Müslüm Gürses had released his albums for 15 years at that time and transferred to Ulus Müzik. The songs in the albums Garipler, My Friend, Zavallım, Müslüm'ce Türküler 1999 and Only (Turkish Art Music) released by Müslüm Gürses from 2001 to 2001 are the songs performed by Müslüm Gürses before 1999.

On February 1, 2006, her album called Gönül Teknem took its place on the shelves with the label Seyhan Music. In 2006, Gürses' joint project with writer Murathan Mungan took its place in the music markets with the label “Aşk Coincidences Sever” Pasaj Müzik. He sang songs written by Mungan, composed by many foreign musicians from David Bowie to Garbage, Leonard Cohen to Jane Birkin. Then, on December 29, 2008, Müslüm Gürses returned to the stages with his striking album “Sandık”, which is also from Pasaj Müzik.

In November 2010, he signed an album with Pasaj Müzik titled “Yalan Dünya” again.


Müslüm Gürses' audience has been the subject of many studies. Doctoral dissertations were even written (For example, 2002 / Bağlam Publishing: Caner Işık / Nuran Erol, "Arabeskin Meaning World and Müslüm Gürses Example").


Müslüm Gürses was taken to the intensive care unit after the by-pass surgery he had at Memorial Hospital on Thursday, November 15, 2012, due to lung and heart failure, and was connected to his breathing apparatus. Gürses died on March 3, 2013 in Istanbul Memorial Hospital, where he has been receiving treatment for about four months. After his funeral prayer at Teşvikiye Mosque on March 4, 2013, he was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.


Year Album name Producer Overview
1975 Muslum Gurses 1 Cinnamon Plaque
1976 Muslum Gurses 2
1977 Muslum Gurses 3
1978 Muslum Gurses 4
1979 Don't Ask Me for Mercy
1979 Gas Driver
1979 Sore Saner Plaque
1980 Mystique eyes Emre Plak
1981 Be Happy Modern Record
1982 If God Wouldn't Want Space Plaque
1982 Music Feast Mediterranean Record
1983 I could not explain Castle Plaque
1984 I couldn't help Elenor Music
1985 Make my face laugh
1986 The Way of Love
1986 Resentment Bayar Music
1986 Break Down Elenor Music
1986 Go
1987 The unfortunate
1987 Sad Days Disco Record
1987 With my memories from yesterday to today Sarp Plaque
1988 Cuckold Özbir Record
1988 People of Troubles Elenor Music
1988 Unfaithful Realm
1988 A bunch from the past Sedef Music
1988 Bayar Folk Concerts Bayar Music
1989 A Storm Will Break Mediterranean Record
1989 Give Another Glass Sarp Plaque
1989 Mahsun Kul Elenor Music
1990 Muslum Gurses Concert Concert album
1990 Go Goodbye Bayar Music
1990 My Destiny / Friend Victim Ugur Plak
1990 Meyhaneci / Broken Sazım Elenor Music
1991 And Listen From Me
1991 Where are you? Where am I? Bayar Music
1991 You Hit Me From My Heart Sarp Plaque
1991 Everything is a lie Elenor Music
1992 Muslim'92
1992 Cruel (if you only knew) Bayar Music
1993 If I Were Snow in the Mountains Elenor Music
1994 Faith / Cairo Recital Ugur Plak
1994 I won't give up on you Elenor Music
1995 A Handful of Tears / Repentance
1995 My affair
1996 From Soil to Body (I Have Rebellion)
1997 Where are you?
1997 My sultan İdobay Music
1997 Master / What Author Elenor Music
1998 Müslüm Gürses Classics
1999 Weird
1999 Wow dear Ulus Music
1999 Friend Elenor Music
2000 This is how we saw it from the father Ulus Music
2000 I'm poor Elenor Music
2001 Folk Songs in Muslim 2001
2001 Only (Turkish Art Music)
2001 The world is a lie Universal Music
2002 Open Air Concerts 1 Concert album
2002 Open Air Concerts 2 Concert album
2002 Open Air Concerts 3 Concert album
2002 Journey with Müslüm Baba
2002 Paramparça Bayar Music
2003 I can't escape from my destiny / you did wrong Ozdemir Record
2003 Instead of us Dirlik Music
2003 I burn Bayar Music
2004 Neredesin firze Remaining Music Single
2004 Selections from Müslüm Baba, Vol. one Bayar Music
2004 Promised Songs Ada Music Single
2004 Time to Wake Up (Cool is Over) Kadırga Music
2005 Separation is a Painful Thing Videohouse Music
2005 Do not look Sun Music
2006 My Heart's Boat / Without You Seyhan Music
2006 love likes Coincidences Passage Music
2008 Chest
2010 The Lying World
2010 my heart Dogan Music Company Single
2011 Kizilbas 2 Remaining Music Single
2012 Labirent Nada Music Single
2013 Song of the Truckers Bayar Music Single
2013 Farewell - Ervah-i Ezelde Kadırga Music
2014 This Up From Me / My Last Songs
2017 Songs in the Cellar Elenor Music
2019 Songs in the Cellar 2


4 from Müslüm Gürses Ömür Plak, 2 from Sarıkaya Plak, 13 from Palandöken Plak, 4 from Bestefon Plak, 15 from Hülya Plak, 2 from Çın Çın Plak, and 1 from Saner Plak. He made a 41 plate. In 45, 7 years after his death, Müslüm Gürses's 2020-plate record, which he read to Bestefon Plak in 1971 but was not released at that time, is expected to be released after 45 years. 

Year Album name Producer Overview
1968 Emmioğlu / Stoning in the Plain Life Plaque Plate No 5
Smoke in the smoke / no love Plate No 6
I Learned Love From You / Months Pass Without You Plate No 9
Tears Stay In My Eyes / The Golden Cage Is My Stop Plate No 10
1969 Dressed by Selvi Boy / You ruined my life Sarıkaya Record Plate No 5
Don't Go Come Come / Haram Love Plate No 6
Caravans Loaded with Love / Don't Hit Good Hit Palandoken Record Plate No 745
I wandered, I wandered Immigration Hands Plate No 763
Raki and Wine Doesn't Matter / If I Have a Cup of Coffee Plate No 764
Tell me Doctor / Your Green Eyes Plate No 771
My darling Fairy / I fell for your love Plate No 772
1970 Love Lake / Those Who Make Me Cry Plate No 785
Flowers in my heart / my sin does not fit into the world Plate No 786
Golden Cage / Troubled Eyes Plate No 789
I beg you, My God is Enough Plate No 796
How I Apologize / At a Young Age Plate No 798
Good Lord, What a Pain / I'm Not Regret Plate No 804
How Troubles This / Thank You Plate No 805
Don't laugh at those who cry / love riddle Plate No 813
1971 You fell into the well of your ass / I was a victim Bestefon Record Plate No SS 11
I Unknowingly Break You / Drink A Coffee Cigarette Plate No SS 13
A Slice of White Cheese / Nights Without You Plate No SS 18
Nails Removes Nails / Unrequited Lovers Plate No SS 21
Am I Not Human / Do I Need To Die To Love You Hulya Plak Plate No 506
What Got In Your Hands (Gazelles) / A Bite of Bread Plate No 507
Become a Man / Honey or Sugar Plate No 508
1972 It's Tormented So Much / Sin Plate No 578
I don't know if I was born a sinner / I am sad, I drink Plate No 618
Çilekeş (I Don't Want to Live) / Today Has Tomorrow Plate No 660
1973 Lost Days / Destroy My Life Plate No 713
World of Hope / Love Tastes With You, This Heart Plate No 752
Life is a Casino / My Last Wish Plate No 775
Wind of Longing (Migratory Birds) / Come to God Plate No 801
Mahzun (Bottle One Empty Goblet) / Give Hope Now Plate No 826
To leave in destiny / cruelty of my destiny Plate No 832
1974 Oh (Come And Don't Drink) / I'm dying of my sorrow Plate No 854
If I'm Drinking There Is A Reason (That Is It) Plate No 883
Don't be if you don't like it / Begging Plate No 887
1975 Architect / Of Yarap Cinnamon Plaque Plate No 501
1976 What Has The World Became / Rebel Plate No 712
1979 Lovers Moments / Intizar / Hüdai Recognize İdim (Unforgettable Songs of İsyankar Movie) Saner Plaque Plate No 101
2020 Suffering is my burden / goodbye to your false love Topkapi Record Plate


Müslüm Gürses has played in 39 films. These movies are:


Title of the work Music company Album or albums containing the work Album date Overview
Don't laugh at those who cry  alandoken Record Don't laugh at those who cry / love riddle 1970 Its lyrics and music belong to Müslüm Gürses.
Love Puzzle  Its lyrics and music belong to Müslüm Gürses.
Why It Is Burning 
(Why Is It Burning)
Cinnamon Plaque
Disco Record
Don't Ask Me for Mercy
Sad Days
Its lyrics and music belong to Müslüm Gürses.
Hicran Wound 
(Our love is dead darling) 
Cinnamon Plaque
Sarp Plaque
Don't Ask Me for Mercy
With my memories from yesterday to today
Its lyrics and music belong to Müslüm Gürses.
Don't Look So Deep Deep  Mediterranean Record Music Feast 1982 Its lyrics and music belong to Müslüm Gürses.
Hünkar Son (Long Air)  Elenor Music Break Down 1986 Its compilation belongs to Müslüm Gürses.
I Love Me Mecnun (Long Air)  A Handful of Tears / Repentance 1995 Its compilation belongs to Müslüm Gürses.
Love Is A Fire  Bayar Music Paramparça 2002 His word belongs to Yunus Emre and his music belongs to Müslüm Gürses.

Commercial films 


The film Müslüm, directed by Ketche and Can Ulkay and about the life of Müslüm Gürses, was released on October 26, 2018. In the film, Şahin Kendirci portrayed Müslüm Gürses's youth and Timuçin Esen as his adulthood. Muslim film close to 6.5 million spectators a panorama # 5 all time record holder in the list of films in Turkey, while the all-time record holder in the audience dramas list ranks # 1. 

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