Who is Nevra Serezli?

Nevra Serezli, real name Nevra Şirvan (b. 9 August 1944, Ankara), Turkish actress and voice actor. Spouse of theater artist Metin Serezli.

After graduating from Robert College, the artist, who studied theater in the USA, started his professional art life at Dormen Theater in 1965. He worked at Ankara Art Theater in 1967, with Altan Erbulak and his wife Metin Serezli between 1971-1978, at Ostekuşu Kabare Theater between 1984-1989. After working at Dormen Theater for a while again in 1990, he joined the Theater Istanbul ensemble.

In addition, by acting as a dubbing artist, Serezli played a role in TV commercials, and also played in TV series. He played the character of Dudu for 6 seasons (2003-2011) in My Magic Mother, one of the longest running TV series of Turkish television. Nevra Serezli recently portrayed the Peyker Character in the movie Kocan Kadar Talk.


Hood Year Role
Talk to Your Husband: The Resurrection 2016 Peyker
Go away 2015 Yasemin
Kocan Kadar Konuş 2015 Peyker
Affairs of the heart 2015 Sureyya Ustun
My other half 2014 Mrs. Zeynep
Senin Hikayen 2013 Meral
Piece of cake 2013 Suzan
Salih Bird 2013 Oleander
My magic mom 2011 Dudu
Love Starring 2011 Gonul Hanim
Golden Girls 2009 heart
Dear yesterday 2007 Sun
Unutulmayanlar 2006 Leyla
Sealed Roses 2003 Guest Player
My magic mom 2003-2006 Dudu
Marry My Parents 2002 Leman
Wow Anam Wow 2001-2002 Kind Mother
My Angel Wife 2000 Melek
Women's Club 1999
I eat you 1998
Fantastic Cousins 1994
Crazy Autumn 1994
Later Sightings 1994 Thanksgiving Partal
Screen Lovers 1989
Canan first 1988
The Exclusive Wonderland Company 1988 Suheyla Deniz
Laugh or cry 1988 Nevra
The Man in the Jar 1987 Pearl
Hood Year Role
Şendul Saban 1985 Necla
I fell in love 1985 Guzin Bostanci
Skip Come Shaban 1984 Zehra
Mistress 1983 Muzeyyen
Ferris wheel 1983 Lamia
Henpecked 1983 Mihrimah
Colorful World 1980 Meral
Zubuk 1980 Yekta until
What Will Now 1979 sweetbread
Susceptible 1977 Eleni
The Price of Freedom 1977
Vengeance Angel / Woman Hamlet 1976
Saffet Forgive Me 1976 Fahriye Basaran
Nightingale Family 1976 Nevin
Oh my wife 1976 Nurten
Raspberry 1974
black Train 1966 Kind Mother

Theatrical plays 

  • The Trees Die Standing: Alejandro Casona - Tiyatrokare
  • Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks: Richard Alfieri - Theater Istanbul
  • Heart Thief: Pierre Chesnot - Theater Istanbul
  • Sylvia: AR Gurney - Theater Istanbul
  • Çetin Ceviz: Barillet and Gredy - Theater Istanbul
  • Wonder Which: Barillet & Gredy - Theater Istanbul
  • Crazy Autumn
  • Crazy: Turgut Özakman - Ostrich Cabaret
  • Sen Sazın Nightingales
  • Get Love
  • My Fair Lady
  • Stop The World There Is To Get Down
  • Shared Wonders Company: Haldun Dormen - Şan Theater Musicals
  • Aşk Münir Özkuul Theater
  • The Barefoot Countess: Dormen Theater
  • Shattered: Turgut Özakman - Dormen Theater
  • Cengiz Khan's Bicycle: Refik Erduran - Dormen Theater

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