Who is Sami Hazinses?

Sami Hazinses (born Samuel Agop Ulucyan, 30 August 1925 - 23 August 2002), Turkish film actress of Armenian origin


Born in 1925 in Diyarbakır's Hançepek neighborhood, Hazinses came to Istanbul to work after primary school. In 1953, he started acting in cinema with a role in the movie Kara Davut directed by Mahir Canova and starring Cüneyt Gökçer, Atıf Kaptan and Muhterem Nur. Having grown in roles with the films he translated in the following years, Hazinses managed to become one of the unforgettable comedy artists of Turkish cinema. Hazinses, besides acting, worked on lyrics and composition. Zeki Müren performed the artist's work titled “A Dilbere is an Addict, Deli Gönlüm”. [citation needed] One of his most well-known works is the classic song “I Deserve My Problems (Listen to Me Mountains)” performed by many artists, especially Müslüm Gürses and İbrahim Tatlıses.


He passed away on August 23, 2002. After the funeral was held in Kadıköy Surp Takavor church, his body was buried in Hasanpaşa Armenian cemetery.


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