Who is Türkan Şoray?

Türkan Şoray (born 28 June 1945, Istanbul), Turkish actor, screenwriter and director. It is known as “Sultan” in Turkish cinema. He met cinema in the 1960s and received the first cinema award at the 1964 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with the most successful actress for Acı Hayat. Türkan Şoray, who played a role in 222 films in total, is the most actress in the world with this number. Şoray goodwill ambassador for UNICEF Turkey on March 12, 2010 elected, "There is nothing that can not be done with love, I think. "If we combine power with love, we can overcome many problems." In addition, Şoray has a primary school named after him.

Together with the film actors Hülya Koçyiğit, Filiz Akın and Fatma Girik, she is considered one of the four important actresses who made her mark on a period of Turkish cinema. Şoray, who is the only cinema actress in the four, is accompanied by Kadir Inanir, who accompanies him in the lead role, 1972 Return of Return, 1976 Production of Bodrum Judge, 1973 Production of Torment, 2015 Search of Distant Alone; In 1981, he directed the movie Snake Kills, together with Şerif Gören. Türkan Şoray announced in an interview in June 2018 that he left acting on the grounds that "good scenarios did not come before him".


Born in Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul, Türkan Şoray is the first child of a civil servant family. The father's side is from Kabartay Circassians, the mother's side is a Thessaloniki immigrant. Şoray's father, who had two more sisters named Nazan and Figen, passed away. Having graduated from Fatih Girls High School, she stepped into the cinema with the support of her mother Meliha Şoray (1927-1984). The couple, who left several times during this period and reconciled, parted ways because Rüçhan Adlı did not divorce his wife. Türkan Şoray did not leave Adlı, who was hospitalized in August 1962, until the last moment. He married theater actor Cihan Ünal in 1923, separated in 1995 and had a daughter named Yağmur from this marriage.


Yeşilçam years
Türkan Şoray, who is the daughter of the landlords in Karagümrük, who was later known as “Panther Emel” in Turkish cinema while she was studying at the Fatih Girls High School secondary school section, Türkan Şoray steps into Yeşilçam with the encouragement of Türker İnanoğlu. . He also starred with Baki Tamer in the 10 movie "A Girl in the Village I Love You", which means the beginning of the career of Şoray instead of Emel Yıldız. Türkan Şoray recounts his memory of starting cinema as follows:

“Before entering the cinema, a movie set came to our neighborhood. They would shoot a set of the movie in our neighborhood. When I saw the lead actor woman, I said 'what a beautiful woman'. This woman was Reverend Nur. While looking at it in such a confused manner, a man came up to me and said, 'Do you want to play in the movies?' asked. I was afraid and immediately fled home. I learned that this man was Memduh Ün later. Then I escaped from the movie set, but later the movie sets became my life. ” He says.

Bringing the first Golden Orange award to Şoray, the 1964 film directed by Metin Erksan was an important step in his career for the actor who played the Acı Hayat movie “Manicurist Nermin”, starring Şoray and Ekrem Bora [12]. In 1968, Türkan Şoray, who gave Şoray the second Golden Orange award in his career, was inspired by Sait Faik Abasıyanık's story called "Menekşeli Vadi", and spoke at the Istanbul Film Festival, where the renewed copy of the film was re-released years later. He said:

“It is a miraculous thing for me to work with Lütfi Akad, a director whose place is hard to fill in Turkish cinema. 'Türkan, you will play with your eyes' he was telling me. Lütfi Akad taught me to play with my eyes. ”
--Türkan Şoray, 2013 (Istanbul Film Festival)

After Yeşilçam
Şoray accompanied dozens of male actors in the films, where actors with a leading wife were successful. In a few classic Şoray films, in the words of critic Agah Özgüç, in order to deceive the audience, to earn more money, the poster was published as if it was not published but published to the audience. In the poster of the movie "I Will Donate the Handle of my Gun", which was produced by Şoray with Ediz Hun in 1980, there is the movie Güllü Geliyor Güllü, which is played by Ediz Hun and Türkan Şoray. Kemal Sunal is just an actress. Afterwards, the same movie, with the popularity of Kemal Sunal, was re-released under another title. One of the interesting events is the movie “Keşanlı Ali”, which is the name of the cinematographer, and is called “Keşanlı Ali” since it is written in capital letters under Keşanlı in the movie poster.

One of Şoray's interesting cinema experiences was the slap he had eaten from Ülkü Erakalın, who brought him together in the film Sinful Woman by Filiz Akın, at the age of 17, during a movie shooting.

With the 1990s, he started to focus on television series works, the ones that made the most sound and long life from these works were the Second Spring he shared with Şener Şen and Sweet Life, which he shared with Haluk Bilginer.


To date, she has appeared in 222 films. Türkan Şoray presented her first television program, Cinema My Love (2010-2011), where her own cinema career was discussed with her guests broadcast on NTV. In the Şoray program, he describes his cinema career with cinema actors.


  • 1964: 1964 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Actress Award, Bitter life
  • 1968: 1968 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Actress Award, Vesican Yarim
  • 1972: 5th Golden Boll Film Festival - Most successful actress, Prisoner
  • 1972: 1st Golden Butterfly Awards, Best Actress Award
  • 1973: Moscow Film Festival (Russia) - Special Award, Return
  • 1978: Tashkent Film Festival - International Aytmatov Club Traditional Award (Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım)
  • 1987: 1987 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival - Best Actress (My Dreams, My Love and You)
  • 1990: 2. İzmir Film Festival - Golden Artemis Honor Award
  • 1991: The Republic of Turkey State Artist title 
  • 1992: 8th Bastia Mediterranean Cinemas Festival - Best Actress, It Was Cold and The Rain Was Drilling
  • 1994: 6th Ankara International Film Festival - Labor Award
  • 1994: 1994 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival - Best Actress, For Love's Sake
  • 1996: 15th International Istanbul Film Festival - Cinema Honorary Award
  • 1999: Rome Film Festival - Grand Prize
  • 1999: 2nd Flying Broom Women Film Festival - Woman Director Award
  • 2000: Marmara University Faculty of Communication - Summit 2000 Award
  • 2001: Academy Istanbul - Most Successful Artist of the Year Award
  • 2008: 35th Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony - Golden Butterfly 35th Anniversary Special Award 
  • 2009: Sadri Alışık Awards - Honorary Award
  • 2013: Barrier-Free Life Foundation - Turkish Cinema Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 2013: 11th Turkish Film Festival - Honor Award


  • “Sinemam ve Ben” (autobiography), Türkan Şoray, NTV Publications, 2012, Istanbul.

Music albums 

  • Türkan Şoray Says (2015)

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