Who is Enis Fosforoğlu?

Enis Fosforoğlu, (Date of birth 1948 - Date of death 22 June 2019), Turkish theater, cinema and TV series actor.

Enis Fosforoğlu, the son of artist Renan Fosforoğlu and Mualla Kavur, comes from an artistic family such as Belkıs Dilligil (her aunt), Avni Dilligil (brother-in-law), Aliye Rona (brother-in-law's sister). They are brothers with the theater and dubbing artist Ferdi Merter. Her daughter is Seren Fosforoğlu, a theater artist.


He graduated from Galatasaray High School. After high school, he took the conservatory exams in Ankara. He won and completed his education as a graduate of Ankara State Theater in 5 after 1970 years. He worked at the General Directorate of State Theaters between 1970-1976. He became famous on TV in 1977, resigned from the State Theater and returned to Istanbul. He took roles in music halls and various theater companies for 2 years. He founded a theater on his behalf in 1980 and contributed to the training of many artists for many years. The artist, who translated motion pictures, also took part in script and directing. He was making radio programs on TRT FM and Halk TV Radyo and giving lectures on theater.

Enis Fosforoğlu explaining his personality in his interview

“I attach importance to openness and honesty. I look very calm and get angry instantly. I even get very angry. I am distracted by my unprofessional behavior. Even when I'm talking to someone, I laugh when I have a scene or a sketch in my head. The man thinks I laughed at what he said. I am one of the strong-looking emotional. I have a sincere view; but I drink on tours and after the game. I definitely don't drink at home. Chore always falls on me. I am an unhealed Galatasaray member. I write everything at night. I am very afraid that my actions will not be understood sufficiently and dearly. From time to time I get a second Enis and look at Enis. I am for openness. "


The artist, who had a heart attack in Büyükada, where he lived on June 11, 2019, was hospitalized. According to the information given by his doctor; “… His treatment was continuing because of the bypass surgery and stent he had previously…. In the angiography, stenosis was detected in two heart vessels and stenting was applied. Our patient, whose condition was stable afterwards, to be followed at home… ”He was discharged on 15 June. He passed away on 22 June 2019 as a result of a heart attack at his home in Büyükada.


  • 1981 "Best Director Award"
  • 1989 "I Close My Eyes, Do My Duty" Jury Special Award
  • 1999 "Lions" Communication Award


  • Coming Soon - 2014
  • Blue Necklace - 2004
  • Keloğlan - 2003
  • Mutluyüz Family - 2001
  • Thanksgiving Buffet - 1999
  • Seven Unutmaz - 1978
  • Disrupts the Hard Game - 1978
  • Tramp - 1977
  • Everyone's Lover - 1970
  • Zeyno - 1970

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