Who is Hulusi Kentmen?

Hulusi Kentmen (Date of birth 20 January 1912 - Date of death 20 December 1993), Turkish actress. He grew up in Izmit Bay. He made his first art experiments in the theater hall of Akçakoca Primary School. He served as a non-commissioned officer in the Navy. His duty as a petty officer ended in 1961. He practiced art until he ended his military service with the tolerance of his superiors. He started theater at the Community Centers. It was discovered by Burhan Tepsi.

He played his first known plays in Ses Theater founded by Rahmi Dilligil. Kentmen, who became professional with his play Hisse-i Şaiya directed by Reşit Baran, started acting in cinema with the movie Sürtük in 1942. After starting cinema, he occasionally performed in theater plays. After taking part in the play Çatallı Köy staged in the City Theaters, in 1965, he staged this play with Hüseyin Baradan, Şahin Tek and other actors in the village (in Çatallı Village of Afyon's Emirdağ district). put it on the stage, went on tour. He has appeared in some television commercials.

He is a father, commissioner, gardener, judge etc. in most of his films with his sweet-tough and easygoing style. he took on roles, played under his own name in many of them. He became symbolic as a character actor. The expression “like Hulusi Kentmen” became popular among the public with the effect it left on the cinema to express the fatherly, sweet-tough male character.

In many of his films, Kentmen was voiced by Kemal Ergüvenç, and in some by Rıza Tuzun. Kentmen took roles in nearly 1942 films between 1988-500.

He married Refika Kentmen in 1938. He had a son named Volkan and later two grandchildren. He was also interested in photography as an amateur and played the violin. In 1980, she appeared in the Izmir Fair at the Akasyalar Casino under the staff of Hülya Koçyiğit; he played the violin and made parodies. The actress, a classic in Turkish cinema, died on December 81, 20 at the age of 1993, as a result of kidney failure. He lies in the Karacaahmet Cemetery. He was commemorated on the 21st anniversary of his death with an event organized by the Istanbul Classic Automobile Association. The wax statue was made quite similar to the artist's original. The artist's 1956 model vehicle was also exhibited at this event.

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