Who is Kenan Pars?

Kenan Pars (real name Kirkor Cezveciyan) (born 10 March 1920, Istanbul - d. 10 March 2008, Istanbul) is a Turkish Armenian theater, cinema and TV serial artist, director. For a while, he played the harsh characters of Yeşilçam films. He stayed in Zonguldak for 1.5 years due to his family's business. His family then moved to Bakırköy and stayed in Bakırköy until his death.

He did his military service in Balıkesir. In an interview he gave, “Since I am a non-Muslim, they gave me a pickaxe shovel instead of a gun. I have great efforts in the construction of the Akhisar-Sındırgı road. "

Pars, who lived in Bakırköy for 84 years, had a Milli Piyango dealer named after him in Bakırköy Freedom Square. The famous artist was also interested in the art of calligraphy. When he died on March 10, 2008, the words "Allah" and the verses of the Qur'an, which were displayed at his funeral and made with colorful beads, drew attention.

Kenan Pars, apart from acting, directed films such as "My Son", "Nobody Understand My Troubles", "Murder Night", "Death Allah's Order", "Aklın Durur" and "Bir Ateşim Burnarım". also did.

His wife was a Turk of Armenian origin from Konya. He had two daughters, Narin and Linda. She married a Muslim who was the son of Linda Ayhan Işık's sister.

He started his career in 1953 and continued until 2003. He has been remembered as the tough, bad guy of cinema. Pars' body was buried in Bakırköy Armenian Cemetery after the ceremony held at the Bakırköy Armenian Church.


  • 1961 My son
  • 1962 Nobody Understands My Trouble
  • 1963 night of the murder
  • 1964 Death Order
  • 1965 Mind Stop
  • 1966 I Burn a Fire

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