Who is Mansur Yavaş?

Mansur Yavaş (born May 23, 1955, Beypazarı), Turkish lawyer, politician and Ankara Metropolitan Mayor. He served as the Mayor of Beypazarı between 1999-2009 and was a candidate for Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2009, 2014 and 2019 local elections and was elected Ankara Metropolitan Mayor from the Republican People's Party in the 2019 local elections.


Mansur Yavaş was born as the child of Ahmet Sadık Yavaş and Havva Yavaş in 1955 in Ankara's Beypazarı district. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Beypazarı, and completed his undergraduate education, which he started at Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1979, in 1983. After completing his military service as a military prosecutor, Yavaş worked as a freelance lawyer in Beypazarı for 13 years.

Political career

Yavaş, whose interest in politics started in his youth, became a candidate for Beypazarı Mayor in 1989 after being a member of the Municipal Council in 1994-1994, but he was not elected.

Beypazarı Municipality

In the elections of 18 April 1999, he was a candidate from MHP and received 8.500 votes and became the Mayor of Beypazarı with 51 percent of the votes. With the restoration of historical Beypazarı mansions and thousands of years of efforts to preserve the history of Beypazarı, he received awards such as "The Best Local Administrator of 2001", the honor award given by the Turkish Language Association for the preservation of Turkish, and the "Environment Award" of nature warriors. President ”has been elected.

Yavaş was re-elected Mayor of Beypazarı with 18 percent and 2004 thousand votes in the elections held on April 55, 11.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Mansur Yavaş, after serving as the Mayor of Beypazarı for two terms, was a candidate for Ankara Metropolitan Municipality from the MHP in the local elections held on March 29, 2009, but received 27 percent of the votes and finished the election in third place after his rivals İbrahim Melih Gökçek and Murat Karayalçın.

Since his party was not nominated again by the MHP in the 2014 local elections, his participation in the CHP was brought to the agenda and on December 21, 2013, he was accepted as a member of the Republican People's Party with the decision of the Central Executive Board of the Republican People's Party. Slow later, the CHP Party Assembly by the 2014 Turkey local elections, the Ankara Metropolitan Mayor candidate has been declared [and has managed to take 30 percent of the vote in elections in Ankara on March 2014, 43,8, but lost the choice of 32.187 XNUMX votes.

Mansur, who resigned from the CHP membership on April 17, 2016 Slow, CHP Party Assembly meeting held on 18 December 2018, Turkey in 2019 was determined as CHP Ankara Metropolitan Mayor candidate in the local elections. In the local elections held on 31 March 2019, he received 50,93 percent of the votes in Ankara, and after the completion of the process of objection to the election results, he took his certificate from the YSK on 8 April 2019 and started his duty as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Social assistance projects for low-income families come to the fore in their period.

First 100 Days 

  • He added the phrase "TC", which was removed during the solution process, to the entrance of the city hall and the signs inside. 
  • The municipality council meetings and tenders started to broadcast live on Ankara Metropolitan Municipality social media accounts. 
  • In addition to religious holidays, it started free transportation services on national holidays. 
  • He had the flashing lights of municipal vehicles removed, except for compulsory vehicles such as police, fire brigade and police, including his own authority vehicle. 
  • After 13 stray dogs were killed by poisoning, he got involved in the lawsuit filed on the subject and organized a street animals workshop. 
  • Ankara City Council convened. 
  • The municipality gave a budget surplus of 1.579.402 TL. 

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