Who is Şevket Çoruh?

Şevket Çoruh (June 30, 1973, Istanbul), Turkish cinema and TV series actor. He has been known for his role as Mesut in the series Back Streets since 2006. He is the founder of Baba Sahne in Istanbul.

He was born in Istanbul in 1973. He was the only child of a family from Artvin who migrated to Istanbul from the Anaçlı village of Ardanuç at the end of the 93 War and settled in Muratlı village, which is now under the waters of Ömerli Dam. His mother is a tailor and his father is a minibus driver.

Completing his primary and secondary education at Taşmektep Primary School in Üsküdar, Çoruh lived in Maltepe from the age of 14 to the age of 24. He completed his high school education in Kartal Anatolian High School. After graduating from high school, he studied theater at Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

Since 1989, he has appeared in various theater plays. He announced his name with the character "Kokoreççi", which he played in an advertisement of an internet company. Staged in Broadway history records as the longest single game entered Caveman book (Cave Man) comedy was staged in Turkey

Since 2006, he has been playing in the series Back Streets. He was known for his role as Mesut in the series and for his acting in film series such as Eğreti Gelin, Usta and Construction and Dancing with the Jackals.

Çoruh opened the theater called Baba Sahne in Istanbul Kadıköy on April 3, 2017. At the opening of the theater, Müjdat Gezen handed over the feast of İsmail Dümbüllü, who is considered to be the symbol of tulûat in Turkish theater and handed over by Ferhan Şensoy, to Çoruh. He was deemed worthy of the Best Actor Award in the Comedy / Musical category at the Theater Magazine Labor and Success Awards 2017, together with his co-star Murat Akkoyunlu for his "A Baba Hamlet" Hamlet adaptation staged at Baba Sahne in 2018; He received the Haldun Dormen Special Award at the 22nd Afife Jale Awards.

Actor Rasim Öztekin announced on August 27, 2020 that he would transfer Dümbüllü's turtle, representing the middle game of Dümbüllü, to Çoruh, with a special handover ceremony held at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater on September 20, 2020. a handed over.

Private life

In 1993, she married actress Günay Karacaoğlu. She left in 2003 and married Özge Turna in 2017. Gülenay from his first marriage and Turna from his second marriage have a daughter.


Year Production Role
2003 Construction Sudi
2004 Tell Istanbul Recep
2004 Makeover Bride Hasan
2008 Master Ersun
2009 Sonsuz Universe
2010 Living the moment Yusuf
2010 Dance with the Coyotes Father-in-law Gokhan
2011 Anatolian eagles Naci Dizdar
2012 Canakkale 1915 Sergeant Mehmet
2013 Dancing with the Coyotes 2:
We are sick, grandfather
Father-in-law Gokhan
2014 Construction 2 Sudi
2014 Life is beautiful to you Perseverance Maker
2014 Dancing with the Coyotes 3:
Zero problem
Father-in-law Gokhan
2016 Dance With The Coyotes 4 Father-in-law Gokhan
2017 Between family Necati to Neco
2017 Do not misunderstand manager
2018 Like a Monster Gürbüz
2018 Dance With The Coyotes 5 Father-in-law Gokhan
Year Production Role
1996 Corner Grab
1996 Love love consent
1997-1998 Flower Taxi Mud Sevket
1998 Forgive us teacher Bekir
1999 Snake story Yasar
2002 Azad Zubair
2003-2004 Sultan's Office Sultan
2005 No problem Typhoon
2005 Prosecutor's Wife Unal
2006 - present Back Streets Mesut Guneri
2006 heart force
2007 Comedy Shop Guest actor
2008 Instant Image Show Itself
2010 Acacia Stop Customers
2010 Hope Travelers Mesut
2012 Stuff and things Taxi driver
Year Production Role
2004 A love story Musa
2004 Gulizar Leras
2004 Lost Loves Kemal


Year Prize Category Movie
2003 Cinema Writers Association The best actor Construction
2004 11. ÇASOD "Best Player" Awards The best actor Construction
2004 23rd International Istanbul Film Festival The best actor Construction

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