When and why did Tuncel Kurtiz die? Who is Tuncel Kurtiz?

Tuncel Tayanç Kurtiz (Date of Birth 1 February 1936, Kocaeli - Date of Death 27 September 2013, Istanbul), Turkish cinema and theater actor, director, producer and screenwriter. His father is a Turkish bureaucrat born in Thessaloniki and his mother is Bosnian.

He studied at the law school for a short time at the university, then in the departments of philology, philosophy, psychology and art history; but did not graduate from any of them.

The artist, who started acting for the first time in 1959 at the Dormen Theater, took part in motion pictures. It is stated that the artist, who came to the top with the movie Herd, loves to live in nature.

He won the best screenplay award at the 1981 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival for the screenplay of Gül Hasan, co-authored with Nurettin Sezer. He played in the TV series Hacı in 2006 and Asi in 2007. He played the character of Kamil Efendi in the movie Fall Pain, which was released at the beginning of 2009. He played the character of Ramiz Karaeski in the TV series Ezel, which started broadcasting in the same year, and his recognition further increased.

In the summer of 2010, he hosted his famous friends in a boutique hotel named Zeytinbağı, which he runs with his wife and brother-in-law in the village of Çamlıbel in Güre Town, in the Edremit district of Balıkesir, on the green screens of NTV and made a program called Tuncel Kurtiz and Friends. In the same year, he voiced the BBC's documentary Life. In addition to many national and international awards, he received the Lifetime Honorary Award at the 2011th Golden Orange Film Festival in October 48.

death of

He passed away at the age of 27 as a result of a heart attack at his home in Etiler on September 2013, 77. He was buried in Çamlıbel village of Edremit district of Balıkesir on 29 September 2013.

Some theater plays 

  • Very Strange Investigation: Ferhan Şensoy - Middle Players - 1998
  • Sheikh Bedrettin: Nâzım Hikmet - 1997
  • Mahabaratta: Indian Epic - Peter Brook - 1985
  • The Epic of Keşanlı Ali: Haldun Taner - Berlin Schaubühne Theater - 1984
  • Tin: Yaşar Kemal
  • Tiger and Typewriters - Genar Theater - 1968
  • Milky Way (play): Karl Wittlinger - Genar Theater - 1968
  • The Age of Süleyman: Aydın Engin - Genar Theater - 1968
  • Passenger: Nâzım Hikmet - Genar Theater - 1967
  • Voice of the Heart - People's Eye: Peter Shaffer - KEnt Players - 1964
  • Seagull: Anton Chekhov - City Players - 1963
  • The Golden Fist: Dormen Theater - 1962
  • Bear Tale: Dormen Theater - 1962
  • The Fabulous Brothers: Dormen Theater - 1962
  • Victory Medal: Thomas Heggen \ Joshua Logan - Dormen Theater - 1958


Year Movie Role Notes and awards
1964 Satan's Servants
1965 I am the three of you Hussein
1965 Last Birds
1965 There Was Blood on the Street
1965 Streets Are Burning Orhan
1965 Numbered Bullies Colak Mahmut
1965 King of Kings
1965 Cognacist
1965 Bloody Square
1965 Don't Touch My Tribute Colak Mahmut
1965 For a Beautiful Day Customer at the bar
1965 Law of the Big City
1965 Unending Road
1965 I gave my heart to a criminal
1965 I Live As I Die Jamal
1965 I Can't Live Without a Father
1966 War of the Aghas
1966 Poisonous Lap
1966 Yigit is wounded Remzi Kocael
1966 Law of Weapons
1966 The Man With His Gun
1966 Married
1966 Kiran Kirana Tunceli
1966 Strikers in the Dark
1966 Unlawful Way
1966 Lawless Mountains
1966 Bloody Grave
1966 Dead End
1966 Law of the Border Bekir
1966 Four Bullets Steward
1966 Ugly King Cahit
1966 Gypsy
1966 Horse woman gun
1967 Rabies Recep (Lion Friend) Hamza
1967 Kings Don't Die Komiser
1967 No Lead to Me Cengiz
1970 Umut Hasan
1970 Scene of the crime Der Kleine German television series
1974 Bus 2 men
1977 Nehir
1978 Channel Uncle Abuzer
1978 Herd Hamo
1979 Gul Hasan Also the director and screenwriter of the film
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Best Screenplay Award
1979 On Fertile Lands He is also the screenwriter and producer of the film
1981 Kleiner Mann was tun Made in germany
1983 Kalabaliken i Bender Made in sweden
1983 Duvar Tonton Ali
1984 Turkish Video indomitable Short film
1985 Die Abschiebung Made in germany
1985 Vägen till Gyllenblå! Dr. Krull Swedish television series
1987 From Frusna Leopard David Made in sweden
1986 Hiuch HaGdi Hilmi Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear (Best Actor) Award
1987 Aufbrüche Made in germany
1988 Livsfarlig Movie Tantalus, Iranian Made in sweden
1989 Noel Baba Made in germany
1989 Tacknamn Coq Rouge Al-Houl Made in sweden
1989 Mahabharata Shakuni International production
1990 skyddsängeln Ivar Made in sweden
1990 Zeit der rache Made in austria
1990 Die Hallo-Sisters Samy German television series
1992 Kvällspressen Abdel German television series
1993 In Search of the Jackals TV series
1993 Dark Shadow of Fear Made in germany
1993 Return to Ağrı
1994 For a Love Enver Best Supporting Actor Award at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
1994 Love Is Cold Than Death Dursun
1995 Cemile and the Tale of Hope
1996 Cemil
1996 Master Kill Me
1996 Somersault in a Coffin Rice
1996 Don't let the lights go out Haydar Aga
1996 Istanbul is under my wings Topal Recep Pasha
1997 Gräfin Sophia Babe Short film
1997 overthrow
1997 Scorpion's Journey Agah Ankara International Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Award
1998 Vive la mariée… et la libération du Kurdistan Uncle Ismet Made in france
1998 Goodbye tomorrow Ali Elverdi
1999 table of wolves TV series
2000 kumru Halil Telefilm
2001 She Loves Me Too Ceribasi
2001 Shellale Bald Selim Sadri Alışık Awards Best Actor Award
2001 A cavallo della tigre Tigre Made in italy
2003 Twilight Alairbey Bozoglu TV series
2003 Stubborn Stories Narrator (Latif, Latif Shah, Canbaz Şaho) He is also the screenwriter of the film and the only professional actor in the film.
2006 Pilgrim Haci Hayrullah Gesili TV series
2007 Black Veil Hasim Mevlutoglu TV series
2007 On the edge of life Ali Aksu Ankara International Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Award
Best Supporting Actor Award at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Yeşilçam Awards Best Supporting Actor Award
2007 So Cemal Aga TV series
2008 Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit Said US TV series
2008 Lal Storyteller wise Short film
2008 Pain of fall Kamil Effendi
2009 The Lost Gift Animated movie
2009 Black White Ahmet Nihat
2009 – 2011 Easel Ramiz Karaeski TV series
2012 – 2013 Magnificent Century Abu Saud Effendi TV series
2013 Happy Family Day Lightning Stone

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