Who is Turgut Özatay?

Turgut Özatay (30 December 1927, Alasehir, Manisa - 26 June 2002, Istanbul), Turkish film actor.

Following his young roles in the 1950s and 1960s, he became one of the leading villains of both Cüneyt Arkın and Kemal Sunal films.

The head of EOKAcılar in the film Sezercik Küçük Mücahit, Abbas in the film Kurban, the contractor who owns the land in the film Our Hope Şaban, the owner of a clothing store and tormenting him in the film Yuvsiz Kuşlar by Ferdi Tayfur, the Bear Abbas, who is crazy about lemon in the film Korkusuz Korkak, Minibusman Hasan in his movie, Davut looking for the tape "Şiki Şiki Baba" in the movie "Come with Skip Saban", the villager of Zülfü who was a middleman in the city in the movie "Keriz", one of the men who played a game at the gambling table in the movie "Fortune Hafiye", "Manyak Mahmut ”played their roles. He died of lung cancer on June 26, 2002.

He is known as the 3rd person who translated the most films in Turkish cinema (he appeared in 497 films).

He is the son of Emin Özatay, one of the Balkan Turks who migrated from Skopje to Izmir before the Balkan Wars.

Motion pictures 

Year Movie role Kaynak
1959 Lonely Dock
1960 Broken Bowls
1961 For the sake of brother
1964 Love and Grudge
Letter From Halime
1967 Honor Debt
Alpaslan's Fedaider Alpago
1968 Brave Stranger
1972 The Sacrifice of Kara Murat Fatih
1974 Black Murat Death Warrant
1975 Human hunter
Black Murat vs. the Dark Knight
1976 Kara Murat vs. Sheikh Gaffar
Two Angry Men
Life Market
1977 Memish
Cemil Doner
Father's home
My man
1978 Father Eagle
Black Murat Giants Fight
Mr. Kilic
You Will Love People
1979 Our hope is Shaban
Fearless coward
Two acrobats
1982 Ali Ali
1983 Wild Blood
1984 Skip Come Shaban
Mr. Kartal
1986 Street Brawler
1987 Last Heroes
1988 Bomber
1997 The Sun Is Crying

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