Who is Henry Ford?

Henry Martin Ford (born July 30, 1863 - died April 7, 1947), founder of the automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company.

Ford consistently perfected the moving conveyor technique developed by Ransom Eli Olds in his own car company named Oldsmobile in 1902 in a simple style. Ford's automobile manufacturing draft affected not only industrial production but also culture (Fordism).

After leaving his home in 1879, Ford moved to nearby Detroit to learn mechanics. After his education, he found a job at the Westinghouse Company and worked on gasoline engines. After her marriage to Clara Bryant, she improved her financial situation with her own sawmill. He started engineering in 1881 at the Edison Illuminating Company, founded by Thomas Alva Edison. The world-famous inventor Edison and Ford became friends in the following years. After his promotion to chief engineer, Ford, who was able to devote enough time and money to his personal research on fuel engines, completed the development of his Quadricycle vehicle in 1896. Following this success, Edison left Illuminating and founded the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899 with other investors. He successfully raced his vehicles against vehicles from other manufacturers to demonstrate the superiority of his models. However, in 1901 the Detroit Automobile Company went bankrupt.

Ford Motor
In 1903, Henry Ford with 11 investors founded the Ford Motor Company with a capital of $ 28.000. Launched by the company in 1908, the Modell T rose to fame until 1913 and was common all over US roads. In the same year, Ford's initiation of moving conveyor production in its factories increased productivity to a high degree. Half of the cars used in the USA in 1918 were Modell T. 1927 million vehicles from the same model were sold until 15, breaking a record to be kept for 45 years.

Henry Ford had a special attitude towards his employees. In 1913, the 8 US Dollars daily wages received by employees against an 5-hour working day rose to an extraordinary $ 1918 in 6. It also had profit participation to Ford employees. On the other hand, Ford, who was strictly against unionisation in its factories, hired Harry Bennett to prevent union activities. Bennett used intimidation strategies to destroy union organizations. Although collective agreements were agreed at some Ford factories at the end of the strike of United Auto Workers in 1941, union organization only spread in factories after Ford and Bennett left the company in 1945. He died in 1947

His work called International Jew, which he prepared by conducting extensive research, had a great impact.

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