What Is Zeppelin? What Does It Do? How High Does the Zeppelin Get?

Zeppelin is a type of airship and is the general name of the cigar-shaped guided balloons with the engines that enable them to move with the thrust force used as a means of transportation and the rudders that enable them to steer in the air and with the passenger cabin below. German named Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the most successful producer of vertebral guided balloons, is the name of guided balloons. Although it was filled with hydrogen at first, helium was started to be used instead of hydrogen after the Hindenburg disaster in 1937.

First flight

The first successful flight was conducted by the French engineer Henri Giffard on November 24, 1852. The Giffard was built by taking off from Paris and flying to Trappes, 160 km away, by attaching a 3 kg and 43 HP steam engine under a 12 meter long and 30 meter diameter hydrogen filled bag.

The first zeppelin was 128 meters long and 11 meters in diameter. Its aluminum frame was covered with a cotton cloth. Inside the skeleton were bubbles of hydrogen-carrying gas. The zeppelin, which was aired on July 2, 1900, flew from a height of 400 meters and took a 6-kilometer road in 17 minutes and 30 seconds.

Upon the success of this first zeppelin, new ones were also produced. In particular, the German War Ministry supported the production of the zeppelin. During World War I, Paris and London were bombed by zeppelins.

In the autumn of 1927, a zeppelin named L-59 stayed in the air for 96 hours and traveled 7.000 km. In 1928, Dr. Directed by Eckener, the Graf Airship crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The Graf Zeplin and its successor Hindenburg have been used for freight and passenger transport for many years. Zeppelins, II. After transporting 52.000 people between the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean until before World War II, it was discontinued before the 1950s due to the development of new passenger aircraft and the proliferation of accidents and casualties. Today, they are produced in a limited number for advertising purposes only in the USA.

Guided balloons made 

Airship name Country Date made DESCRIPTION
R-33 (width) United Kingdom 1916
R-34 United Kingdom 1916 In 1919, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean to New York and returned
R-38 (width) United Kingdom Ship made by the order of the USA split in two in the air, causing 44 deaths
Shenandoah ABD 1923 It shattered in a hurricane over Ohio in September 1925
L-59 1927 In the autumn of 1927, he managed to travel 96 km, staying in the air for 7.000 hours.
Graf Zeppelin Almanya 1926 In 1929, the world circled the world in 20 days. Used in freight and passenger transportation between Europe and the USA
Akron ABD 1928 Lost at sea during a storm in 1933 with more than 70 people
R-100 (width) United Kingdom 1929 He flew to Canada in July 1930 and returned the following month
R-101 (width) United Kingdom 1929 He set out for India on January 5, 1930. It fell and fell apart near Beauvais in France.
Builder ABD 1933 Crashed into the Pacific Ocean in February 1935
LZ 129 Hindenburg Almanya 1935 In 1936, he brought and taken passengers between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean 10 times. It caught fire on its first flight to New Jersey in 1937 and burned to death in 2 minutes.
Spirit of Dubai Dubai 2006 The world's largest airship advertised for Palm Dubai

Use of zeppelin for advertising purposes

It is the most common use of zeppelin in the world today. In many countries of the world, zeppelins are used as an alternative effective advertising medium. Good Year is a pioneer in the world in this regard. Goodyear II. It produced its own zeppelins in World War II. But after a while, Goodyear stopped producing its own airship. In North America today, 3 Goodyear Zeppelins were archived on the Wayback Machine site on July 15, 2009. suddenly fly. Zeppelins are said to have played an important role in making Goodyear a world brand.

Many large companies (including Fortune 500) of the world use Zeplin Advertising even today. One of them, BMW, came to Istanbul for 2004 week on the European tour (Transeuropean Tour) to promote the BMW 1 series in 1. Turkey in the first zipline 1929 Graf Zeppelin, LZ 127 D that pass over Turkey is acquainted with going to the Middle East. In 1998, Koç started using Zeplin. Koç Zeplin was manufactured by the American manufacturer company American Blimp Corporation (ABC). It was model A-150, 50m long and delivered to Koç in October 1998.

The only reason why zeppelin advertisements are not used more widely is the high investment cost and monthly operational expenses. Zeppelins require hangars. Helium is an expensive gas. In addition, a giant ground crew of 12-13 people is required for large zeppelins.

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