Chang'e-5 Successfully Enters Moon's Orbit

Chang'e-5, which set out to collect samples from the lunar surface, entered the orbit of the Moon. The National Space Agency of China noted that a fundamental stage has been left behind in collecting requested samples from the Moon and bringing them back to Earth. 112 hours after leaving the earth, an engine of the vehicle was set in motion at 20.58, when it approached 400 kilometers from the Moon and stopped after about 17 minutes.

The probing satellite successfully braked and according to real-time observation data, it sat in the orbit of the Moon as predicted. Chang'e-5, which consists of an orbiting satellite, a shuttle landing on the lunar surface, an ascent vehicle, and a spin capsule, meanwhile corrected the course twice during its journey between the Earth and the Moon.

Chang'e-5 will then adjust the state and tilt of its orbit around the Moon. When the time is appropriate, the means of landing on the Moon face and returning to the satellite from there will be separated from the rotating satellite and the earth's landing capsule, and will slowly land on the visible face of the Moon from the Earth and collect samples as predicted from the Moon.

Source: China International Radio

📩 30/11/2020 15:34

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