Introducing the New Collection of G-SHOCK

G-SHOCK is here with its new collection that is compatible with both harsh environments and street fashion!

The frame with 10 corners resembling the nut shape creates a design motif. The bezel is secured with four screws for a solid and durable look. Combined clock operation features are achieved with the analog digital display maximizing its convenience. Digital graphic shapes create a powerful dial design that improves readability. It has serrated surfaces that prevent cord connection and experimentation and have working efficiency.

The GA-900E-1A3 model with black silicon band is sold with both a black silicon band and a woven fabric band mixed with fluorescent material next to it. This allows you to make multiple combinations with a single watch.

Silicone cord or fabric alternatives and with different colors, the G-SHOCK GA-900 to examine the collection now, and even if you want to have one of these new G-SHOCK Turkey you can visit the official sales website.

📩 23/11/2020 10:10

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