Thanks to KolayPeyk, Documents Transmitted to Personnel are Digitalized

The KolayPeyk Platform, which digitizes the records and documents within the scope of labor laws, enables employers to prove their obligations legally. When employers in all sectors such as tourism, logistics, real estate, health and retail make their written notifications to their employees through the KolayPeyk Platform, they fulfill their obligations stipulated in the legislation, and all documents sent with time stamp are considered as official documents.

Noting that with the KolayPeyk Platform, all documents in personnel management processes are digitalized and there is no need to print out paper, Kolaysoft Teknoloji AŞ Corporate Business Development Specialist Derya Gökkaya said:

“Required to be notified to the personnel as per labor laws on KolayPeyk Platform; Notifications such as wage, account statements, payroll, contract, warning, job security, KVKK notifications, leave approvals are signed with e-signature and sealed with TUBITAK time stamp and notified to employees. Again, on the same platform, the staff approves the notification received by sealing it with a TÜBİTAK time stamp. TÜBİTAK time stamp; proves that certain data existed on a specified date. The timestamp server uses public key technology to sign timestamps, confirming the integrity of the data and its existence on a certain date. According to the Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, time stamp refers to the record verified with an electronic signature by the electronic certificate service provider in order to determine when an electronic data is produced, changed, sent, received and / or recorded. In the KolayPeyk Platform, the time stamp is taken as a basis for the proof of the data, the notifications sent and the approval of the sent notifications reach the status of official documents and these documents are accepted by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and the Social Security Institution (SGK).

What benefits does KolayPeyk offer to businesses?

Expressing that the KolayPeyk Platform is digital and attracts the attention of the world since it prevents the paper theme during the pandemic period, Kolaysoft Teknoloji AŞ Corporate Business Development Specialist Derya Gökkaya said that it was also announced to the world as innovative products by IASP (International Technoparks Association).

Referring to the benefits of KolayPeyk for businesses, Derya Gökkaya continued her speech as follows:

“Businesses working with KolayPeyk; In addition to providing an effective time management, it brings the documents they send to a legal status. Submitted documents become legal evidence. With this system, the problem of archiving is eliminated, and the costs such as labor and costs caused by the processes such as cargo, paper and toner, archiving of payroll copies, etc. created by the traditional practice are prevented. While providing ease of control to businesses, it accelerates all HR processes by providing technological support to the ever-developing Human Resources (HR) management. It provides many technological opportunities such as time, cost and legal qualification ”.

What are the modules of KolayPeyk?

  • Payroll: Personnel payrolls issued at the end of the month must be notified to payroll holders. These payrolls can be sent to the personnel via KolayPeyk and official notification approval can be obtained from the personnel.
  • Personal Transactions: Personnel personal files kept in a physical environment can be stored electronically thanks to KolayPeyk.
  • Contract: All contracts with employees can be made through KolayPeyk. These contracts made through KolayPeyk become legal.
  • KVKK / All Notifications: All notifications related to personnel (KKVK, Covid-19 etc.) can be made legally through KolayPeyk.
  • Defense / Warnings: It is possible to take the defenses of the employees and send a warning when necessary, through KolayPeyk.
  • Salary / Bonus / Target Performance: Employees' payroll, wage statement etc. notifications based on the payroll issued at the end of the month can be sent by the enterprises via KolayPeyk.
  • Occupational Safety Notifications: Business security experts of businesses can be authorized through KolayPeyk. Authorized occupational safety experts can send all documents related to job security through the KolayPeyk system.
  • Request Forms for Excuse Leave / Annual Leave / Assignment / Advance Demand etc.: Employees can send leave request forms, advance payment request forms, travel request forms, etc., to manager approval via KolayPeyk.
  • Instant Form Design: Businesses can instantly design documents, surveys and forms through KolayPeyk. When requested, these documents can be included in the personnel approval flow and forwarded to the personnel. These documents can be converted to excell format and desired reports can be created. For example; companies can create forms to find out if their staff has a chronic illness.

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