Who is Özlem Türeci?

Özlem Türeci, one of the two names behind the first company that announced that it was successful in its vaccine with coronavirus, was born in 1967 in Lastrup in Germany.

Dr. Özlem Türeci, after serving on the Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board for ten years, became the BioNTech Medical Chief in 2018. Tureci, 53, is also the President of the Cancer Immunotherapy Association.

Türeci's family, whose father is a doctor in Istanbul, had immigrated to Germany before his birth. He met his Turkish wife Uğur Şahin while working in Hamburg. “We worked in the laboratory even on our wedding day,” says Türeci.

The couple was doing studies at Ganymed company that teach the immune system to fight cancer with modified genetic codes. In this practice, the immune system detects cancerous cells like a virus entering the body and tries to eliminate them.

The sales of Ganymed had been the largest medical company sale in Germany until that date.The couple, who aimed to revolutionize the vaccine field by using mRNA technology at BioNTech, are now using this method for the coronavirus vaccine.

According to Euronews, the couple decided that before the coronavirus epidemic turns into a global pandemic, they should start vaccination studies with this method they have developed for 25 years, anticipating that this will happen. had.

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