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Savaş Ay (Date of birth 26 March 1954, Üsküdar, Istanbul - Date of death 9 November 2013, Istanbul), Turkish television personality, reporter and journalist.

Journalist Savaş Ay was born as the son of Şükran and Turan Ay. He completed his education at Marmara Commercial Sciences Academy. He started journalism in 1974 as a reporter for Dünya Newspaper. He worked for Tercüman, Vatan, Milliyet, Sabah newspapers and Akajans. He made the talk show A Team in ATV, TGRT, Kanal D, Kanal 6, Show TV, Flash TV, again atv, Star TV and Kanal 1.

In 2000, he directed and scripted the film Dansöz, starring in Beyazıt Öztürk and Kerem Alışık. There was a son named Ulaş Can Ay, a voice artist, and a girl named Sanem Ay. It also made some programs and helped the poor.

He was a reporter for a Haber, but he could only speak in whispers due to a problem with his vocal cords.

Savaş Ay succumbed to cancer, which he struggled for 15 years, and died on 9 November 2013 due to the arrest of his heart in the hospital where he was treated for 1,5 months.

TV channels he works with


Year Channel
1993-1998 atv
1998-2000 TGRT
1998-2001 Channel D
1999-2001 Show tv
2000-2001 Channel 6
2000-2005 atv
2002 FlashTV
2006 Star TV
2007 Channel 1
2007 atv

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