TUBITAK 2020 Science Awards Winners Announced

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) announces awarded the 2020 Science Award. As a result of the evaluations made by the TÜBİTAK Board of Directors, it was decided to give 2020 Science Awards, 4 Special Award and 1 Incentive Awards in 13.

Minister Varank announced the scientists who were created under the leadership of TÜBİTAK and were deemed worthy of the TÜBİTAK 2020 Science Awards at the Presidential National Library. Noting that TÜBİTAK gives awards every year to encourage scientists who have made significant contributions to science at a universal level with their scientific research, Varank stated that it was decided to give 4 science awards, 1 special award and 13 incentive awards this year as a result of the evaluations made by the TÜBİTAK Board of Directors.

Varank, in the field of basic sciences Prof. Dr. Mustafa Soylak and İsmail Türkan, and Prof. Dr. Özgür Barış Akan and Hilmi Volkan Demir were deemed worthy of a science award.

Announcing the winners of TÜBİTAK Incentive Awards 2020, Varank, in the field of basic sciences Dr. Bilge Baytekin and Ferdi Karadaş, faculty members, in the field of engineering sciences Prof. Dr. Sinem Çöleri, Hakan Usta, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Evren Erşahin and Mustafa Serdar Önses in the field of health sciences Prof. Dr. Elif Çadırcı, Assoc. Dr. Aydan Dağ and Tevfik Tamer Önder, in the field of social sciences Prof. Dr. Mehmet Efe Biresselioğlu, Assoc. Dr. Emre Selcuk, Dr. Faculty Member Selim Erdem Aytaç and Gaye Soley stated that they received the award.

Varank also received this year's TÜBİTAK special award, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Sinan announced that he was Özkan.

Congratulating all scientists who were awarded the award, Varank thanked the nominating organizations and individuals, and the scientists who took part in the evaluation process.

Varank informed that the award ceremony is planned to be held in December under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, just like every year.

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