Turkey, the European Wind Turbine Equipment Manufacturing Receives First Place 5

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Turkey's wind turbine equipment is located in a large-scale plant with the first 5 countries in Europe engaged in the production, said: "In the production of both land and offshore wind turbine equipment, we aim to move to a competitive point of our domestic industry." said.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Dönmez reminded the regulations made in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and said, “The Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) will be evaluated according to today's conditions and will offer opportunities for domestic investments. Wind, Turkey intend to make the second automotive sector. " he spoke.

Ministers Varank, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez, Parliament of Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission President Mustafa Elitaş, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Mustafa Yilmaz and Turkey Wind Energy Association President Hakan Yildirim also conducted online with the participation of Turkey spoke in the opening session Wind Energy Congress.


Pointing out that growth is the common economic goal of all countries in the world, Minister Varank said that the path to strong and sustainable growth is directly related to the efficient and competitive combination of inputs used. Minister Varank stated that energy emerged as a critical component at this point and said, “We need production for growth and energy for production. As the industry develops and sectoral diversity increases, the need for energy increases. If you are foreign-dependent in energy, this is the risk of current account deficit and external fragility. " he spoke.


Minister Varank stated that they have issued nearly 8 thousand investment incentive certificates for renewable energy investments in the last 7 years and said, “Thanks to these documents, 124 billion lira of investment was made, more than 19 thousand people opened new job opportunities. In August, we opened the Integrated Solar Panel Production Factory in Ankara. This factory, which came to life rapidly thanks to our project-based incentive, carries out all the stages from raw material to crystal growth, slice cutting, cell production and module production under one roof. There is no other integrated facility in the world that can do all of these under one roof. " used the expression.


Stating that they attach special importance to the execution of R&D and innovation activities for the production of energy technologies, Minister Varank stated that they have carried out R&D projects focused on wind and hydraulic energy at the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center. Mentioning the "National Wind Energy Systems Development and Prototype Turbine Production (MİLRES) Project", Minister Varank noted that the 500 kilowatt double-feed asynchronous generator was designed and produced as a prototype by TÜBİTAK.


Minister Varank pointed out that TÜBİTAK Rail Transport Technologies Institute has a critical competence in developing electrical systems consisting of generators and converters for wind turbines of different types and power, and said, "In the coming period, we want to advance rapidly in the fields of mass production and commercialization with the private sector." used the expression.


Stating that they support industrialists producing basic equipment and sub-components in renewable energy with a wide variety of mechanisms, Minister Varank said, “If we say that our domestic production capabilities have jumped to a new age, thanks to the support and the dynamism of the private sector, we would not be exaggerating. Turkey with its large-scale production plants for wind turbine equipment, ranks in the top 5 in Europe. We have competent factories producing generators, towers, rotor blades and tower fittings in the field of wind energy. In addition to producing these high value-added products at international standards, we export them successfully. " he spoke.


Minister Varank stated that the localization rates reaching 80-90 percent on product basis have been achieved, but the wind turbine localization rate is at the level of 60 percent and said, “We will take the necessary steps to produce other equipment in the value chain of the sector that have not yet been produced in our country. We aim to move our domestic industry to a competitive point in the production of both onshore and offshore wind turbine equipment. used the expressions.


Referring to the works within the scope of the Industrial Cooperation Project (SİP), Varank stated that they took the first step in this regard for Alaçatı Wind Power Plant belonging to Elektrik Üretim AŞ (EÜAŞ). Varank stated that they will renew the power plant, which has been in use for about 20 years and consists of 12 turbines, and increase its capacity with local and national means, “For this purpose, it is planned to develop 2 domestic and national wind turbine prototypes. We are also intensifying the steps that will protect the competitiveness of the sector. " said.


Dönmez, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, noted that the total installed wind energy power has increased to 8 megawatts and said, “By the end of October, 330 percent of our total installed power and 9 percent of our renewable energy installed power consisted of wind energy. With these power plants, we have the opportunity to meet the electricity consumption of 17,5 million households. " used the expressions.


The world's largest turbine manufacturer in Turkey Donmez Minister said that in the act, "Renewable Energy Sources for the Support of the Mechanism (I YEKDE) to take advantage of the introduction, which until 31 December 2020 requirement was postponed to June 30, 2021. With the last legal regulation passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, YEKDEM will be evaluated according to today's conditions and will offer opportunities for domestic investments. Our hope is to exceed the 10 thousand megawatts limit in the near future. When we reach this goal, let's get together with the industry and plan the ways to reach 20 thousand megawatts faster. Wind, Turkey intend to make the second automotive sector. " he spoke.

TBMM Industry, Commerce, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission President Mustafa Elitaş stated that the work on energy storage, which is one of the most important methods in order to use solar, wind and other energy resources more efficiently, stated that it is necessary to start quickly.

Energy Market Regulatory Authority Chairman Yilmaz, Turkey last year, wind energy in stating that of the countries that increased its capacity in Europe, "commissioned as of this year, end of October 663 megawatts of capacity with 8 thousand 300 businesses in the megawatt level we have a wind farm." said.

Turkey Wind Energy Congress (TÜREK) president Yildirim, more than 100 domestic and foreign investors, located about 250 plant 3 thousand 700 wind turbine in Turkey voiced able to meet about 17 percent of its electricity needs of wind energy.

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