Zyxel Strengthens Businesses with Renewed Firewall Series

Zyxel Networks offers new and advanced security solutions to businesses working with limited IT resources and budgets.

The new firmware ZLD 4.60 released by Zyxel provides noticeable performance increase and stronger defense for network administrators. Two new products added to the USG FLEX security solution family expand entry and advanced firewall options for SMBs.

Istanbul, Turkey, November 16, 2020 - Institutions and safe houses, offering artificial intelligence and cloud-based end-to-end solutions Zyxel Networks, USG FLEX 100W and USGFLEX 700 is two new firewall, as well as software containing critical security improvements for safety devices ZLD 4.60 presented. With the products offered for sale, the software update adds strength and flexibility to businesses against increasing and more sophisticated cyber threats in the new reality that prevails after COVID-19; it also contributes to ensuring business continuity.

According to the 2020 Threat Landscape Report published by ENISA, as the business world moves into a new digital transformation phase, the areas where cyber threats pose a risk and attack points are also increasing regularly. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the pace of digitalization, causing many organizations to switch from home to work almost overnight to sustain their operations. Suddenly changing work practices brought new challenges to SMBs, such as keeping network security levels at an optimal level, limited budgets and using IT resources in the right areas.

The expanding USG Flex series meets all the needs of businesses

Zyxel has added two new firewalls to its broad USG FLEX series to increase the firewall options of businesses. The first of these, the USG FLEX100W, is an entry-level firewall product with built-in WiFi; USGFLEX 700 is offered to businesses as an advanced solution that supports 800 device connections at the same time. In addition to providing powerful and scalable network security for SMBs, USGFLEX offers VPN remote access, WiFi Access Point management and comprehensive hotspot sharing capabilities in a single box.

Increased SSL checking performance

In addition to its new products, Zyxel provides improved performance to security solutions with its ZLD 4.60 firmware. The new firmware offers 3 to 5 times faster SSL inspection efficiency * than its previous version. In this way, users reach stronger performance levels with increased encryption and improved certificate generation times in their existing hardware.

Security reinforced with TLS 1.3 support

SSL inspection enhancements support the latest version of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, which provides security between servers and clients. TLS 1.3 support provides Zyxel users with greater security and privacy as well as higher performance in the face of today's sophisticated cyber threats.

Comprehensive reputation service

The ZLD 4.60 supports DNS reputation service backed by McAfee, to its existing IP and URL reputation services. These three services, which can be used in the Zyxel ATP series, prevent users from visiting areas known to contain harmful content and restrict access to certain sites. Zyxel's SecuReporter panel, which hosts the analysis of the reputation service, makes it easy for network administrators to track insecure domains, threats and requests.

ZyXEL Networks Turkey Channel Sales Manager Omar Faruk Erünsal, "we are in Business uncertain times while managing home working network environment to stabilize its operations, it is also looking receivables efficient ways to secure the long term future of the business. The new USG FLEX security solutions and enhanced security features of the ZLD 4.60 offer organizations just that. "Any business, regardless of resources and budgets, can now use a powerful, reliable and scalable gateway solution."

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