914 Villages Get Free Internet in Ankara

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, announced that children who receive distance education in rural neighborhoods without internet will be provided with free internet connection. Mayor Yavaş, who said in a post he made on November 19, said “We will provide free internet service to all our villages until the end of December”, fulfilled his promise. Free internet service was provided to 914 villages that later became neighborhoods.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to implement “people-oriented” new practices with the understanding of social municipality.

Mayor Yavaş, who facilitates the lives of students with 'student-friendly' projects in the Capital, announced that they will make free internet connections to 928 rural neighborhoods that do not have internet, especially after the continuation of distance education during the pandemic process. Mayor Yavaş, who promised the villages that they would make an internet connection in 19 days with his social media accounts on November 45, fulfilled this promise within a month. The free internet service was completed in 10 villages, which was delayed due to the ongoing construction of village mansions in 4 villages.


Thanks to this service, Mayor Yavaş, who provides equal opportunities in education to students who need to receive distance education over the internet during the pandemic period, but who have internet problems, brought 914 neighborhoods to the internet in a shorter time than planned.

Firstly, in the announcement he made on November 19, he said to the students, “We are speeding up our efforts to put a smile on the faces of our children. After the decision to continue distance education, we will deliver free internet to our villages in 45 days ”, Mayor Yavaş opened the internet address of baylereinternet.ankara.bel.tr to follow the work done closely.


Gökhan Özcan, Head of Information Technology Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, shared on social media about the work done, saying, “There are no villages left in our capital without free internet. We would like to thank all our friends who contributed to the light in the eyes of our children and the smile on their faces, who completed our work before the date we promised without saying rain and mud and who helped us to be the first in the world ”.

President Slow and implemented by students studying in the capital, especially in rural districts with projects that support education available to all citizens and free wi-fi service carries the first of its kind in Turkey.

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