Top Battery with ASPİLSAN Signed Technology Transfer Agreement for Li-ion Battery Cell Production Facility

In Kayseri, ASPİLSAN Enerji AŞ and South Korean firm Top Battery Co. Ltd. The technology transfer contract for Li-ion Battery Cell Production Facility Project was signed with a ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony held at ASPİLSAN Energy Facilities in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) ASPİLSAN Energy Chairman Assoc. Dr. İsmail Hakkı Doğankaya said that today is very meaningful.

Doğankaya stated that today will take its place as a historical day in the films describing ASPİLSAN in the future.

“The whole world is talking about this. Lithium ion will be like petroleum. It was even in the news this week that some countries are ending their use of oil. Northern European countries are at the top. As a result, the battery will enter our lives more and more in the future. I am proud to be a pioneer in this field. The thing that will make us national and make us different from others is today, I sign the technology transfer, but after that, it will be to design this product and similar energy products. I sincerely believe that our youth and university students have this belief. I believe we can design the best. "

Drawing attention to nationality and indigenousness, Doğankaya noted that they have to do their best to use the very high level of dependency due to globalization to their advantage.

ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ferhat Özsoy stated that the company, which was founded about 40 years ago with the donations and support of the citizens of Kayseri, has left another important stage behind in its 40th year.

Özsoy stated that they have started the technology transfer they started with their German friends in 1981 with South Korea as of today, and emphasized that this situation is a sign that technology is now rising not only from the west but also from the east.

Özsoy stated that as ASPİLSAN Energy, they hope to make their contracts in the next period in the form of the transfer of technologies developed by them with their friends in other countries.

At the ceremony, Sadık Piyade, General Manager of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, Top Battery Co. Ltd. CEO Whan Jin Roh and Director of ASPİLSAN Energy Investment Projects Management Office Nihat Aksüt also gave speeches.

After the speeches, a technology transfer agreement was signed.

📩 07/12/2020 16:41

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