Chang'e-5 Enters Moon-Earth Transfer Orbit

China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft entered the Moon-Earth transfer orbit, making its second maneuver in orbit at 9.51 am Beijing time.

According to the statement made by the Chinese National Space Administration, four engines with 150N power in the part consisting of orbit and rotation vehicles were fired 230 kilometers from the surface of the Moon and operated for 22 minutes.

It was stated that the vehicle successfully fit into the targeted orbit.

It was reported that the vehicle carrying the samples collected from the Moon will then perform the trajectory correction on the way back, and when the appropriate time comes, the orbit and return vehicles will separate.

Chang'e-5, which consists of orbit, landing and return vehicles, and a booster vehicle, was launched into space on November 24. The part consisting of orbit and turning tools had completed its first maneuver in orbit yesterday.

Source: China International Radio

📩 13/12/2020 15:43

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