China Astronomical Observatory Discovered 591 High Speed ​​Stars

The National Astronomical Observatory of China recently announced that they discovered 591 high-speed stars from the data.

43 of these stars could be freed from the gravity of the Milky Way and fly out of the Milky Way in the future. This discovery was the research study that captured the most high-speed stars at once since the discovery of the first high-speed star, doubling the total number of high-speed stars discovered by people using more than one telescope over 15 years.

The number of high-speed stars discovered so far has exceeded a thousand. The number of high-speed stars in the Milky Way is quite small, but it can help solve many important problems, such as the environment around the galactic black hole and the structure of the Milky Way.

The research team in China calculated the orbits of these 591 high-speed stars in recent years and inferred the possible 'place of birth' and 'method of birth'. Apart from that, according to studies on the chemical and kinematic properties of stars, although a small number of stars show the chemical properties of galactic stars, halo have the kinematic properties of stars. These could be a more specific star class. More work will be done to identify these.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 28/12/2020 12:49

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