Dr. Halıcı: 'We should be on the developing side, not the user'

Speaking at the event organized by the Aegean Economic Forum, Vice President of the Industrial Automation Industrialists Association (ENOSAD) and Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hussein Carpet Shop, Industrial use 4.0 would not be enough, he also stated that the system should be established to develop Turkey as abroad.

Dr. Halıcı talked about the establishment process, automation and digital transformation of ENOSAD at the event, which was organized for the fourth time with the collaboration of Aegean Economy Development Foundation and Özgencil Group, with the theme of "We are in Transformation".


Speaking about the importance of automation in the "High Technology Based Production Ecosystem" within the scope of the activity held in the virtual environment, Dr. Halıcı said, “Human beings have developed technology by using their mind and have come to this day by using devices instead. Human-independent production is essential in order to increase efficiency, quality, performance and reduce costs in the production part. At this point, if possible, automation in machine-human cooperation should be unmanned, that is, it should be full automation. Automation, with the introduction of artificial intelligence, is a structure that gives spirit and intelligence to the machines and produces working scenarios. " said.


Referring to the establishment process of ENOSAD, Dr. Carpenter, expressed automation is ignored and not fully understood in Turkey in the past year, "Industry, industrialists, the public and NGOs in order to tell our troubles to ourselves and we began operations in 2004 ENOSAD. Since we are in the production, industry part, our name has become the Industrial Automation Industrialists Association. " He spoke in the form.


Stating that automation will be used in every field in informatics, medicine and sports, Dr. Halıcı, the advantages of dark factory in Turkey in terms of risk or did he carry that on to it for the industrialist question, the public voiced academia and NGOs could answer.

Dr. Halıcı continued his words as follows: “We have geopolitical position, dynamic and flexible human resources advantageous in high production. As Fadıl Bey said, people at the university should be more involved in the application. High technology, public-NGO-education / academy, cooperation with private organizations, a strategy in the form of execution. It is not necessary to use Industry 4.0, but to produce and develop it. We must be a country that establishes factories and systems abroad by developing these technologies. "

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