Traffic Management Will Be 10 Times More Comprehensive with Ekin X Spotter

Ekin Smart City Solutions, which develops next generation smart city solutions, introduced Ekin X Spotter, its comprehensive traffic management and security solution. The artificial intelligence-based product, which will be available in two versions as Traffic and Face, was able to detect 10 times more violations than its competitors in traffic management tests.

Ekin Smart City Solutions adds its new product Ekin X Spotter to its product family, which will contribute to the smart and quality life of cities and city people. Designed to make parking, traffic management and safety smart in cities with its artificial intelligence-based technology, Ekin X Spotter stands out with its 4K motorized zoom-supported video-based license plate recognition system and facial recognition technology developed with deep learning. Ekin X Spotter will be available with Traffic and Face versions as two separate products dedicated to traffic management and face recognition functions.

Ekin X Spotter, developed to meet the needs of transport ministries, security, security forces, businesses with mobile and fixed applications; It will provide smart data for traffic violations, analytics and facial recognition. Ekin's central management software Ekin Red Eagle - Smart City (OS) will add data collected through Ekin X Spotter to the coverage area in addition to Ekin's other five smart city management solutions. Thanks to Ekin Red Eagle (OS), Ekin X Spotter will communicate with other smart city products located in cities and will become a new member of the IoT, connectivity and mobility-based smart city network.

Traffic management in smart cities increases the coverage area to 100%

The artificial intelligence-based system, thanks to its small and light structure, can function at every point without any restrictions as a hybrid solution that supports fixed systems and can also be used fixed, and aims to increase the scope of traffic and security data collection in smart cities to 100%.

Ekin X Spotter can instantly detect many different violations in traffic such as following distance, wrong lane and direction, low speed and stationary vehicles, as well as density measurement and vehicle count within the scope of traffic analysis. X Spotter, which can automatically recognize pedestrians, brands, models and colors of vehicles and license plates, will be on duty as the smart assistant of security guards in the field with its red light and speed management feature.

Collects 10 times more data than international competitors

Thanks to the artificial intelligence-based technology of the solution, whose intelligent traffic management feature was tested in the MENA region, it was determined that it detected 12 times more violations than its competitors in 10 hours. While a total of 12 violations were detected within 241 hours in the test; vehicle lane violation (60%), close pursuit (30%), high speed violation (10%). By taking deterrent measures for these violations, 100% traffic control will be achieved in the region.

Highest license plate recognition accuracy rate with 4K cameras and artificial intelligence

The mobile patrol system, which can detect with high accuracy in a wide area with its motorized zoom cameras, can record high quality, clear and sharp photos and videos with its 4K resolution image sensor. In addition, the cameras on the device ensure that the device continues its function in difficult weather or low light conditions.

While Ekin X Spotter can make automatic surveillance on roads up to three lanes wide, it can automatically read the license plates of vehicles in the USA, the Middle East and Europe with the highest license plate recognition accuracy rate in the market thanks to its system trained with deep machine learning over international plates. can keep reports. For this, Ekin X Spotter uses an automatic zoom feature and records violations with the image of the vehicle and license plate.

It can be used anywhere with its small and light structure.

Ekin X Spotter can be easily placed on the hood or windshield of many vehicles such as police patrol vehicles, ambulance, fire brigade, thanks to its small size, weight less than 5 kg and its 'Plug and Play' structure. Among the powerful hardware features of the device are GPS for location determination and LTE support for mobile network connectivity.

The mobile surveillance solution can be operated continuously on the roadside, tripod or pole thanks to the external battery kit.

Ekin X Spotter uses Ekin Red Eagle OS, the company's own operating system. The software enables the management of all traffic and security systems in the smart city from a single point, and the necessary actions to be taken on time.

Ekin X Spotter - Face Soon

Face recognition technology developed by Ekin with deep learning will become a product with Ekin X Spotter - Face. With Ekin X Spotter - Face, which will be available soon, it will be possible to take smart security actions such as area entrance and exit control with face recognition, blacklist tracking, and generating alarms according to the reliability levels of the people. Thanks to the product, which will also cover the object recognition function, bags, knives, weapons, etc. it will be possible to recognize objects and prevent potential threats that may occur.

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