Wearable Device Technologies Increase Logistics Efficiency By 30 Percent

The rules of the game are changing every day in the logistics industry. Changing rules with new technological developments continue to shape logistics companies.

It is important for the players who want to have a say in logistics to invest in the sector and to follow the developing technology closely. Recently, the rapidly increasing 'Wearable Device Technologies' is seen as an opportunity for the future of the logistics industry. Fillo Logistics General Manager Recep Demir, who stated that they have integrated the 'HandsFree Barcode Scanner' devices called 'Wearable Technology' into their business processes and touched on the importance of changes in technology for logistics companies, said: 'Wearable technologies will be a great opportunity in terms of operational efficiency in the world of the future. Thanks to this technology, time is saved while providing more productivity. This productivity also increases factory warehouse and handling efficiency by 30 percent. This technology enables warehouse workers to scan and process barcodes while freeing both hands for work. This offers greater efficiency, accuracy and productivity. ''

Wearable Technology Market To Reach $ 2020 Billion By The End Of 51,6

Research firm MarketsandMarkets predicts a capacity of $ 2020 billion in 51,6 for the rapidly growing wearable technology market. In 2025, it is estimated that the sector will reach a size of 74 billion dollars. With Industry 4.0, dependence on wearable technologies continues to increase in all sectors. Undoubtedly, the logistics sector is one of the sectors that should keep up with these innovations.

Turkey's Development Fit Foot rate can be 23 per cent of Companies

Saying that they continue purchasing and distribution services using wearable technology devices, Fillo Logistics General Manager Recep Demir said, “We closely follow technological innovations and use the developing technology to improve our business processes and increase efficiency by making the necessary investments. According to recent studies related to logistics and transport companies in the world 4.0 Industry itself as advanced and harmonious Number of firms identifying 28 percent of the industry 's and whereas this ratio is considered to be 23 percent in Turkey. Changes in technology continue to increase the importance of logistics for companies. In the coming years, it is predicted that smart technologies such as robotics, automation and artificial intelligence will rise in the logistics sector. For this reason, increasing automation and smart technologies will help the industry to become stronger in the future. We need to integrate new developments in order to keep up with the world. For this reason, we invested in Mobile Application platforms. By continuously investing in our information processing infrastructure, we ensure the flow of information with our customers without interruption. We have reached a very important point in the transformation project by using mobile devices and developing applications in all business processes that we have done with industrial devices and manpower before. ''

Wearable device technologies increase efficiency in logistics by percent

What is wearable technology?

Electronic devices that can be worn on the body, can be worn, and can be part of clothing or accessories are generally referred to as 'wearable technologies'. These devices basically consist of mini computers that can provide a wireless connection and thus display images, collect and process data.

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