Digitalization Has Been The Protective Shield Of Production In Factories During The Pandemic Period

The production of the pandemic with almost every step of re-planning the digitization on the basis of which they can contribute to the economy of industrialists in Turkey and surviving in the tough competitive environment need to invest in digital transformation for sustainable growth.

Doruk, the technology company that performs the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world; ProManage, the only intelligent production management system in the world that is fully integrated with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IIoT, machine learning and image processing technologies, prepares industrialists according to the requirements of the age. Stating that they normally work without slowing down, Doruk Board Member Aylin Tülay Özden emphasized that the only way for industrialists to be more competitive and to grow sustainable is to digitize their production and management systems. Stating that lossless production will come to the fore worldwide, Özden emphasized that digital transformation has become a protective shield for unpredictable risks and threats such as the pandemic period we are in.

With the pandemic that affects almost the entire year of 2020, every layer of production is also affected by digitalization, such as the change in consumer habits with working and education life. During this period, the most important agenda item of all industrialists was to continue their activities and to contribute to the economy and employment. Doruk, a 22-year-old technology company that produces software and hardware solutions for managing production operations with digital tools, is a digital transformation mentor for manufacturers with its smart production management system ProManage. New normally tells industrialists in the global arena in a much stronger way they are working at full speed so they can have a voice Peak Member of the Board Aylin Tulay Ozden, need large-scale industrialists as well as approximately 99 percent of the forming fulfill the age requirements of SMEs of total enterprises in Turkey Emphasizing that the only way for them to be more competitive in global markets and to grow sustainably is through digitizing their production and management systems, he said:

The concept of "lossless production" will come to the fore worldwide

“As Doruk, we were founded in 1998 with the aim of developing software and hardware tools, in other words digitizing the industry, for industrialists to manage their production faster, more agile, with high quality and efficiently, and since then we have realized the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world. We started to work for the digital transformation of the industry from Turkey 4.0 years ago moved to the fore of Industry 15 concept. With our smart production management system ProManage and innovative technologies, we work for industrialists and SMEs to go beyond catching up with the era. Today; It offers high-tech solutions to many different sectors including automotive, white goods, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and packaging; We constantly renew our systems in the light of current needs and demands of industrialists, technological developments and international trends. Acceleration of digitalization is of great importance in our country, where the machinery and automotive industries are very important. In our country, manufacturers and large industrialists are very aware of digitalization and follow trends closely. The digitalization of other businesses and SMEs is very important both for their ability to compete in their sectors and for our country's economy. From now on, we will hear more about the concept of 'lossless production' around the world. At this point, the most important issue for industrialists is operational management. In Turkey to find how quickly adopt this approach if we place our company in the global market it would be so easy. On the other hand, digital transformation of factories does not only mean gaining advantage on the production line. Digital transformation has become a protective shield for unpredictable risks and threats, such as the pandemic period we are in now.

Industrialists increase productivity by up to 2 percent at the end of about 20 months

Speaking about the added value of ProManage product, which is the only production management system in the world that is fully integrated with IIoT, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Özden continued his words as follows: “ProManage; It is a combination of the words Production and Management. ProManage, which enables the industrialists to develop themselves continuously and automatically, is a system that constantly shows the bottlenecks, weaknesses and open points of the enterprises and informs the business in different ways in order to improve these gaps. With this system, we meet the know-how and demands of thousands of production managers around the world. Companies using our production management system ProManage technology make their production more efficient and agile, and manage their costs and competitiveness by detecting and reducing their losses. With ProManage, Turkish industrialists can easily compete with world companies and lead their own sectors. ProManage ensures that problems in businesses are resolved by identifying root causes. In this way, production accelerates in enterprises, the amount of production increases, losses are reduced and the cost decreases significantly. With this system, which takes only 4 to 8 weeks for businesses to transform into digital, industrialists can begin to witness an increase in productivity of up to 2 percent at the end of about 20 months.

It is possible to access businesses from anywhere with phone and internet

Aylin Tülay Özden said that they offer great convenience to professionals who need to access their businesses remotely, especially for reasons such as the pandemic that is on the agenda or the travels made when the business process progresses in its normal course, and continued his words as follows: “As of 2020, when remote working has become the 'new normal' It will now turn towards technologies that maintain their competitiveness by providing access to their factories from anywhere, anytime, to render production sustainable and to reduce costs and increase their productivity. Our ProManage Mobile application, which is fully integrated with ProManage; It allows managers and supervisors to monitor the machines of the facility in real time, to access the production performance of their machines, to monitor parameters, to see machine indicators and reports. With instant notifications, any detail is prevented from being overlooked. ProManage Mobil enables monitoring of all production and IT processes from anywhere with its ProGuard integration. Thus, a potential problem in the enterprise is immediately intervened, while saving time and money.

Thanks to our ProManage AR application, in which Augmented Reality technology is used for full control in production, production chiefs, operators and technicians in the enterprises are walking around the production area, showing the AR label on the camera on smartphones, tablets or AR glasses and showing the production performance of that machine and all the data that it wants to display in real time. as they can reach. Thanks to the application, employees involved in operational processes can gain instant access to information. This application, which offers online machine monitoring, contributes to the rapid access to information in the enterprise and to taking measures by acting proactively. "

"We provide consultancy services to businesses on the way from proactive to predictive"

Özden said that businesses have transformed from reactive companies that can solve problems only as they occur, to proactive businesses that can follow-up based on data; “With the latest technology solutions such as artificial intelligence and image processing, the transformation into predictive enterprises has started; In the future, as he predicted what will happen, there will be a transformation into prescriptive enterprises that decide what to do according to this prediction. With ProManage, we provide a predictive system based on data, not in which problems can be solved after they occur. Thanks to the ProManage artificial intelligence application, it is possible for factories to switch to the infrastructure that predicts what will happen in the future, that is, the basis of predictive algorithms. In addition to providing follow-up in production with ProManage, costs are reduced and performance increases in the management of production, maintenance, quality and test operations ”.

"We continued to develop game-changing solutions in the pandemic"

Stating that they developed a very important technology to contribute to uninterrupted production, consequently economy, employment and public health, which was spoken with the pandemic, Özden completed his words as follows: “The concept of 'social distance', which deeply affects our lives, has begun to reshape the whole world. The concept of social distance is of great importance for employees as well as for everyday life. In this new normal order, as Doruk, we wanted to contribute to the protection of the health of the employees and therefore the society by continuing production with our team of volunteers and supporting the industrialists who contribute to the economy and employment, and we developed a very important product. Thanks to ProManage KiT, factories will be able to remain open, without the need for additional investment, it will be possible to monitor whether employees in the enterprises comply with social isolation, and their contact points can be determined digitally and alerts can be generated. With this technology, which is very important in terms of occupational health and safety, it will be possible to prevent social isolation that will affect our lives from now on, especially in the current period, from affecting work efficiency, and to work in a controlled environment for the health of employees in unexpected situations such as pandemics. We call on our valuable industrialists who want to obtain the ProManage KiT application, which we offer free of charge by Doruk, to foundations and health institutions that support our 'Keep Factories Open' campaign.

With this project, the other issue that excites us this year is our 'ProManage Cloud' product, which we are preparing to present to the market… With this product, we aim to support SMEs to digitalize and continue productive and profitable production by making remote production management during the pandemic period. We are preparing to launch this new product as a game changer. "

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