Will WPP Investments Solve the Energy Deficit? Is RES Harmful to Nature?

He wasted the Marmara Sea (beaches) for the construction of the port. There is no fish anymore, there is no beach where you can pull our boat if you had a boat.

The ports are operating far below their capacity since there is no rail link. Trucks and trucks leaving the port pollute the air of our city. Parking of trucks is a separate problem. Trucks park between the neighborhood.

An important investment for our city was Osman Gazi Bridge. The green area and migration routes of the birds were wasted. Can we use the result? No.

Let's get to the fast train and Marmaray reality. Adapazarı train was not operated for high speed train for years. Currently, Adapazarı train is not operated under the pretext of pandemic. Can we find tickets for the high speed train? No. Can we take the Adapazarı train and go to Haydarpaşa? No . For example, can we get on the train from Köseköy and go to Adapazarın? No

Karamürsel Municipality Building and square, Gölcük Municipality Building, İSU buildings and Kocaeli city square were built. But how? Marble covered buildings and squares. Now it's time for Kartepe city square. What is the service to make a marble block covered public building in a 1st degree earthquake zone? Are we such a rich country? Now, covering the city square with marble while the people want trees to sit under their shadow is to ignore the expectations of the people. You cannot do sports on marble, it will damage the joints of the jogger, you cannot walk in the rain and the snow will be slippery. In the summer, you cannot even sit on the bench because of the heat Now it is time to invest in RES.

How is RES Harmful to Nature?

Disruption of forest integrity with the roads to be opened for the transportation of power lines and wind turbines. Damages to be done during the construction phase

Noise. (It will adversely affect the local people and wildlife)

Regional humidity change due to change in wind flow. The extinction of endemic plant species.

Death of bees and birds. Changing migratory routes of migratory birds or mass death of migratory birds

Fire risk

Inefficiency in agricultural land

I do not want to elaborate this information too much, but we know how the decline of bees only harms nature.

So, will the investment be beneficial in reducing our energy deficit? Let's examine

annual energy consumption

1-) When the months when our electricity needs peak are examined, it will be seen that there is intense electricity consumption in June-July-August.

2-) In Which Season Do WPs Work Efficiently?

As it is known, the north wind prevails in our city and it would be wrong to expect energy production from WPPs during the summer period.

Kocaeli 2003 data is 4,1-5,6-4,7 m / sec for June-July-August, and wind turbines will not work even at half capacity at these wind speeds.

Investments in energy should feed energy into the grid during critical hours and days. But as you can see, wind turbines offer the opposite electricity supply.

3-) Increasing need for air conditioning and widespread use of air conditioners increased electrical energy consumption in summer. Have you seen a public spot about the use and maintenance of air conditioners? (It is possible to see in many places that even the air conditioner temperature is not set correctly. There are very few people or companies that do the cleaning of the air conditioner outdoor unit. Even reaching the outdoor units is a problem)

Wind recycle diagram

Energy efficiency should be a state policy. While making energy investments, investments should be made by evaluating energy supply hours-days-months. First efficiency, then energy investment.

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