3 Continents Domestic Engine Generator Export from Teksan

Turkey's highest generator capable of producing factory in delivering its products to more than 130 countries Teksen produced using the latest technology, with the added value of domestic exports to our country.

Focusing on exports with domestic products that will reduce the generator market's external dependence on the engine, the company achieved a great success by exporting domestic production generators to Asia, Europe and Africa. While the export of domestic motor generators increased by more than 2019 percent compared to 30, it aims to increase this number even more in the coming period.

Embracing domestic production, Teksan is flying our flag in more than 130 countries with its export of innovative products. The company, which follows a successful marketing strategy in opening new markets and exports 65% of its production, is among the Fastest Growing Companies of Export. In line with its global growth targets, it also aims to achieve a multiplier effect in exports in the near future with its overseas offices, the first of which it opened in the UK.

Engine constitutes the largest import item in the generator industry. In addition to domestic production Yavuz Motor, Teksan undertakes an important mission in reducing foreign dependency with the Ecotorq engine developed with Ford Otosan to be used in generators, and domestic engine generator sets with a power range of 75 - 550 kVA.

Providing added value to Turkey's economy and employment to increase in the one of the major objectives stating that Teks Responsible Board Member for Marketing Ebru Ata Tuncer, said: "By making our products to overseas markets, which we produce in our country as well as promotes our country, we contribute to the rotation of the wheels of the economy of Turkey. We diversify our export markets with sales to South America and Asian countries as well as close markets such as Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Turkic Republics, North and Central Africa. We have a worldwide dealer network. In addition, we intend to increase our share in the global market with our foreign offices, the first of which we opened within the scope of the Turquality Support Program in Birmingham, England. In the coming period, we will double our export attack with our new offices. "

Ebru Ata Tuncer said that with the Covid 19 outbreak, the inward closure on the basis of countries confirms the importance of domestic production; “We are a company that always prioritizes domestic production. As a sector, the biggest item of our imports is engine. As Teksan, we support our companies that make domestic engines and we are taking important steps to reduce foreign dependency with the collaborations we have realized. By exporting these products to the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, we have achieved an increase of more than 2019 percent in this area compared to 30. Our local generator was met with great interest in Turkey as well as abroad market. He concluded his statements by saying, "We think that we can reach much higher export figures in this area with the decrease of the impact of the pandemic and the realization of normalization in the coming period.

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