End of Domestic and National 5G Project Approaching

In the 5th Workshop of End-to-End Domestic and National 6G Communication Network Project; HAVELSAN Ankara, Türk Telekom Ümraniye, Turkcell Kartal, Vodafone Maslak laboratories were simultaneously connected to HAVELSAN Diyalog over 5G network and made video calls.

A connection was made to the 5G base station on Yuşa Hill on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and Istanbul Technical University Technopolis on the European Side via radio link and a video call was made with HAVELSAN Dialog over 5G.

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar said, “In this project, HAVELSAN; "He is working in Core Network, Virtualization Infrastructure, Mission Critical Systems and Test / Integration product groups."

Stating that HAVELSAN was given the task of managing the project this year, Nacar expressed that they believe that the End-to-End Domestic and National 5G Communication Network Project will achieve the success it deserves.

Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the use of domestic and national technologies in 5G works is of great importance, and President Erdoğan said, "We cannot switch to 5G without establishing a local 5G technology infrastructure." reminded me of his words.

Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacar pass in parallel with the world of Turkey to 5G technology, but this process of local and national implement their own national products with the technology hope expressed will contribute a lot to the new success story in Turkey's economy.

Mustafa Murat Şeker, Vice President of the Presidency Defense Industry, said, “We know that the support of our state is very important for gaining 5G technology with local and national means. As stated by our President, we also think that the transition to 5G must be done with domestic and national products. " gave his statements.

Providing information about 5G studies, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “The increase in the use of information technologies not only for communication purposes but also in all areas of life has made it necessary to develop these technologies locally and nationally. We are working with all our strength to switch to 5G with local and national means as soon as possible. " he spoke.

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