Generation Z Knows Very Well That The Future is in Technology and Digital

Technology, which is among the most popular topics of today, will be at the center of every field from lifestyle to production, from health to education in the future. Generation Z, born into a completely ready-made technology that determines today's trends, is aware that the future is in technology and digital, and prepares themselves and the future for digital transformation. Integrating their investments, education and lives with digital, young people are also initiating digital transformation in production models.

Technology and digital, which have been on the rise with the pandemic, will be among the topics we will use and talk about in the future. The age of technology that has been rising gradually since the 90s and the generation Z, which was born with ready-made technologies in this era, is aware of how the future will be shaped by technology and invests in this field. Pioneering the start of a new trend and trend with each passing day, this generation's belief in digital gains more space than different generations living in the same period.

Generation Z, who can continue their entire lives from digital, from education to health, from finance to basic needs, knows that the future will continue even more intensely in digital. In direct proportion to this view, technology literacy and user usage is increasing day by day. He reads his books on e-books and makes investments in digital money. It does not limit the use of digital only to daily life, it defends and demands more for the applicability of the production or service models of the sectors they are in.

Although technology is the cause of intergenerational conflict, it will be the victorious technology.

Digital and technology have taught young people to be visionary and to see ahead. Young people now know that there will be no limits in technology. Today, the young generation wants and initiates the digital transformation in many family businesses. Even if it seems like a postponable investment for traditional thinking adults in the first place, even if it turns into a new conflict between generations, young people know that technology will prevail from this conflict. That's why he tries to act as fast as possible in order not to be late for this change.

Generation Z wants to live the time in the fastest but most accurate way. Between the virtual store and the real store, it turns to the virtual first. Reaching home as soon as possible, meeting a need as quickly as possible… He wants to make the most of his limited time. He knows that the best way to achieve this is through technology and digital. According to young people, digital is the key to the future. It knows that digital transformation in production today means more products, more efficiency and more profitability in production compared to traditional production. Besides all these advantages, automation removes borders. With the removal of the limits in production, it can lead companies to global competition along with local competition.

All needs will be met with technology

Nowadays, people want products to be unique to them in order to feel privileged and free. This means a wide variety of products, but few products. The period that many producers gained in the past has changed again with technology. Today, the producer, who can offer a small number of many varieties or customized products, determines the conditions and conditions of competition in the market, while those who make traditional production and those who resist to do so, unfortunately close their businesses for a while. Young people are nowadays the saviors of this process or are forced to be in this position. The generation that was born into an advanced technology and grew up with technology believes that all needs will be met with technology in the future.

Robots will be in 2025 percent of production in 45

In terms of technology, the generation Y and the generation Z, which is much more experienced than the previous generations, will shape the production models and transformation processes of the future with all their knowledge, experience and predictions. Factories where robots, which we watched years ago but do not want to believe, are produced today determine the fate of production. After that, human fiction is not involved in production. With the development of software and production technologies day by day, the human base in production is getting weaker. Technology experts state that robots are involved in 10 percent of production today, and this ratio will increase to 2025 percent in 45. The robotic automation world shows a growth rate ranging from 5 to 16 percent on an annual basis. Even these numbers enlighten us on what kind of future awaits us in the future.

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