2020 Billion Dollars Spent on Mobile Games and Apps in 111

According to the data announced by Sensor Tower, mobile application expenditures increased by 2020 percent in 30 and reached 111 billion dollars. 2020 percent of the mobile application market's earnings in 71 consists of mobile games.

Mobile game and app spending broke a record in 2020. According to data released by mobile application analysis platform Sensor Tower, consumer spending on the App Store and Google Play totaled approximately $ 111 billion worldwide. It spent nearly $ 111 billion worldwide on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps, with consumers turning to their mobile devices for education, business and entertainment. This figure represents an annual growth of 85,2 percent compared to 2019, when app stores generated $ 30,2 billion in revenue.

Mobile application downloads reached 143 billion

In 2020, the number of apps downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store increased to 143 billion. This number of downloads is 2019 percent higher than 115,5 downloads in 23,7. Sensor Tower data shows that 2020 percent of the mobile application market's earnings in 71,7 came from mobile games. The data indicate that the number of mobile game downloads for the first time reached 33 billion, an increase of approximately 56,2 percent compared to the previous year in both markets.

Mobile gaming industry earned $ 79,5 billion

Evaluating the research data, Mesut Şenel, IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support Founder, said, “While the epidemic changed consumer needs and behavior dramatically and perhaps permanently, the mobile market experienced an unprecedented growth in 2020. The mobile app ecosystem and ongoing trends show that growth will increase exponentially. The mobile gaming industry earned $ 2020 billion in 79,5. In 2019, this amount was recorded as 63 billion dollars. We stand by the entrepreneurs who want to take part in this growing and developing sector with the services we provide in education, consultancy and government support. " said.

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