Adform Adds Scalable Digital Audio Inventory to Its Advertising Platform With AdsWizz Collaboration

While the importance of digital audio in advertising and marketing is increasing, thanks to the cooperation between Adform and AdsWizz, advertisers using the Adform DSP platform will now have access to world-class digital audio inventories.

Integrated programmatic advertising platform Adform announced that they started to integrate directly with AdsWizz, which offers digital audio advertising solutions. Thanks to the collaboration, advertisers will be able to easily run programmatic digital audio campaigns on the Adform DSP platform.

Digital audio has become one of the fastest growing channels in the advertising industry. Digital audio, which is one of the channels that shaped consumer ideas most effectively during the COVID-19 period, is listened to by 29 million people in the UK for 12,8 hours every week.

The integration of Adform and AdsWizz gives brands and agencies using the Adform platform the chance to access digital audio inventories produced by world-renowned publishers and the AdWave platform, AdsWizz's global digital audio store. Adform users can now connect to inventory sources available on the AdsWizz platform and target specific audiences with content produced by digital audio publishers.

AdsWizz users who will meet the Adform IAP platform will be able to reach 200 million individual users from all over the world, receive more than 20 billion monthly interactions, and have more than one touchpoint in each campaign.

Advertisers using the Adform DSP platform can also use the secure and high quality podcast and content stream inventories of publishers such as RMS, Bauer Media Audio, Mediamond for brands.

will be able to reach. In this period of increasing digital audio consumption, this collaboration makes digital audio inventories more accessible to advertisers, and provides digital audio publishers the chance to transform their high-quality content into profit.

Commenting on the collaboration, Adform CEO Philip Jensen said, “We are excited to offer access to the world's largest global digital audio marketplace via Adform IAP. As an advertising technology provider that responds quickly to customer needs, we offer advertisers what they need to get the most from digital audio platforms, in collaboration with AdsWizz. "We want to improve our collaboration with AdsWizz as this exciting channel grows."

“This integration is a great opportunity for AdsWizz to access more global digital audio inventory demands,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. Integration with the Adform IAP platform will connect our publishers to more brands that are interested in digital audio ads ”.

📩 12/01/2021 13:21

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