R&D Center in Bursa Shapes the Future

IKMAMM, which offers test and R&D services for the sectors that produce and use advanced composite materials, realized within BUTEKOM with the BTSO vision, performs sample production, 20 types of tests and 5 different methods in the composite field.

In the Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center (IKMAMM), which offers testing and R&D services for the sectors that produce and use advanced composite materials in Bursa, sample production in the field of composites, 20 types of tests and 5 different methods are performed.

Established by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) with an investment of 17 million lira with the support of Bursa, Eskişehir, Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) and opened on October 30, 2020 with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, IKMAMM provides R&D and serves as a test center.


IKMAMM under the roof of Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM), which operates in an area of ​​13 thousand square meters in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone (DOSAB), contributes to the sustainability of the sectors that produce and use advanced composite materials, as well as strengthens the R&D infrastructure of the sector. In the field of composite materials, which are described as the technology of the future, with the aim of moving Bursa to a technology base and accelerating the transition from labor-intensive products to knowledge-intensive and high value-added production, studies are carried out in a wide range of expertise, from prototype production to test and analysis activities.

In the center, where sample production, 20 types of tests and 5 different methods of prototype infrastructure services are provided in the composite field, burning tests of equipment used in the rail systems, automotive and aviation sectors are also performed.

BUTEKOM General Manager Mustafa Hatipoğlu said that IKMAMM was established in order to make Bursa an "automotive base" and to contribute to the aviation and defense field with its works.

Hatipoglu, "TAI having the opportunity of this magnitude could be in Turkey, a subsidiary of Sabanci University in Istanbul has got a İKMAMM in the BUTEKOM site. A serious investment has been made here. Our aim is pilot production, not mass production. Carrying out R&D projects, testing projects with test laboratories. In this way, we aim to serve the industry. " said.

Center Hatipoglu striking meet an important need in Turkey, the composite to going in the automotive industry, this center not only automotive manufacturing center of Bursa, which develops projects related to automotive, research, told the laboratory service that has become a center.


In ikmamm of rare device that transmits in Turkey Hatipoglu, he continued:

“Our work is constantly increasing. 26 PhD students in our center spend 3 days a week here, helping our projects and doing their own projects. Our staff under the roof of BUTEKOM has gained serious experience in both laboratory and production equipment. We will start to produce after we make the agreement of the projects we have. Our production capability will increase even more with new and future devices. Many projects come here from outside the city. Companies bring tests, if any, and have them tested here. If something is to be developed, they say 'Let's do an R&D project'. At this point, a TÜBİTAK project is being written together. After that, it is developed and tested. In other words, they can do both project writing and research and tests here. We closely follow domestic and national technology studies. Bursa produces a lot of parts for the defense industry. Landing gears and shock absorbers of helicopters started to be made in Bursa. This center is very important for the development and testing of such products. "

Hatipoğlu stated that the combustion tests of the equipment used in rail systems, automotive and aviation sectors were carried out in the combustion laboratory in the center.

Stating that there are many different modes of combustion, Hatipoğlu said, “We have the opportunity to test all of them. In addition, the data on the toxicity of the smoke coming out of the burning product, how the product emits smoke when it is burned, what kind of damage it causes are also requested. In Turkey there is a device with less. With this, we determine the characteristics and damages of combustion. " used the expressions.


Stating that composite is more durable and lighter than steel and its cost is higher, Hatipoğlu said, “Automotive got into this business fast, but now they are not going very fast. If the high cost can be solved, the composite will replace the steel. In rail systems, the wagons were steel, now aluminum. The transformation from aluminum to composite has started again. " found the assessment.

Hatipoğlu stated that they anticipate a transformation from metal to composite in industry.

Pointing out that composite is a product to be preferred in terms of lightness wherever there is steel, Hatipoğlu said:

“When you use it in a car, the car gets lighter. In battery vehicles, especially the battery brings a lot of weight. It is necessary to alleviate this. Therefore, it is necessary to turn from steel to composite. Composites increase costs, but sooner or later composite will return. The cost will go down somehow. You need to reduce the weight of the vehicle so that its performance increases. Everything is being done to reduce the weight. Especially aviation is widely used in the aircraft industry. There is a conversion from aluminum to composite as it is light in many parts such as airframe. Similarly, in the defense industry, it is possible to use composite wherever steel is used.

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