What is a Drone License? Is It Obligatory to Get a Drone License?

Drone license is the only document that law enforcement agencies will request from you during drone flights, which you can get from DGCA or any of the organizations authorized by DGCA. This printed document can look like a vehicle license or a certificate view.

Is It Obligatory to Get a Drone License?

Obtaining a drone license is mandatory for devices of 500g and above.

What is the Penalty for Flying Unlicensed Drone?

We must state with regret that actions are taken first in our country and then regulations emerge. For this reason, there is no clear penalty schedule or any penalty for these actions, which are not exactly criminal under the law. DGCA is the institution authorized to impose fines by acting as a court at lower and upper limits.

While the SHGM is generally responsible for supervising the air companies and the aviation sector, which are famous for their cumbersome operation and strictness, when dealing with civilians who act by making sudden decisions, they easily shake their fingers and place themselves in a position that can be both prosecutor and judge.

Probably, a department related to the use of drones will be established within the SHGM soon, and an institution that does not work with the clumsiness of the SHGM will be established and can take more active and rapid decisions and measures. Because the record-keeping device (such as the tachometer in trucks) in Aircraft or Helicopters does not exist in most drone models regarding how many meters a user lifts his device or whether he actually flies in a place where flight is not allowed. As such, penalties and sanctions cannot go beyond aphakism in the real flow of life.

Despite all this information, it is vital for both civil aviation security and the safety of lives that you take care to fly your device without going beyond the rules you have been trained in and be sensitive to comply with the law.

Is Drone License Paid?

Since the drone license is provided with a training, most of the institutions that have the authority to issue this license charge a fee for it. For example, some of them offer this for university students free of charge. Or a company like us can give this license completely free of charge.


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