Industrial IoT Technologies Will Revolutionize All Sectors

Wipelot CEO Rifat Ok pointed out that in the light of new technological developments, business methods will change rapidly and productivity will increase.

In the digitalization process that is getting faster and faster, many technological devices communicate with each other and exchange data. It is expected that the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies that enable this communication will become an integral part of our lifestyle and economy in the near future. leading technology company engaged in the production of industrial iota area of ​​Turkey Wipelot CEO Rifat Ok, communications technology industry, as well as particularly health, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and draws attention quickly will increase the impact on many sectors, including public services. Saying that the way of doing business will change radically with the new technological developments in 5G and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Ok says that these communication systems, which make the invisible visible, will bring a much smarter and digital production order, faster and more efficient business processes.

In short, the Internet of objects called IOT (Internet of Things), as well as all over the world continues to expand its influence in many areas in Turkey. Stating that our lives will change completely in the near future thanks to IoT technologies, Wipelot CEO Rifat Ok said that the industrial IoT, which will become an integral part of the economy, is increasingly influencing the impact of industrial IoT in many areas, especially in health, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, transportation and public services. He said he would increase. Emphasizing that in this way, businesses will speed up many business processes without sacrificing efficiency and productivity, Ok said, “In the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen that the industrial IoT enables business processes to continue uninterrupted and is vital for businesses”.

A new world order is coming with 5G and IIoT

Stating that smart devices used in production will minimize human error thanks to industrial IoT systems, Rifat Ok said that 5G allows the IoT technology to develop and grow rapidly and said: “5G technology, where we will talk about brand new standards, has taken its place on the agenda of all humanity and therefore companies. With 5G, it is possible to easily say that there will be a great change and transformation in the business world and especially in technology companies. We believe that consumers' values, behaviors and expectations will differ with new technologies, and the effects of these innovations on our lives will be more widespread and deeper. This will automatically change the way we do business. The most important building block of this process will be the technological developments in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) field, which also forms the basis of digital transformation. These communication systems, which make the invisible visible in many different sectors, will bring a much smarter and digital production order, faster and more efficient business processes. "

High efficiency and speed increase in business processes with Wipelot

leading technology company engaged in the production of industrial iota area of ​​Turkey Wipelot the automotive, white goods, metal, energy, food, health, medicine, cosmetics and textiles such industries as well as mining, construction, aerospace, defense industry, like many different sectors Stating that it offers high added value, Rifat Ok continued his words as follows: “As Wipelot, we will ensure that critical business processes such as planning the production more efficiently and improving processes in today's and future digital factories, monitoring equipment in enterprises, tracking personnel and subcontractors for occupational safety. We ensure that it is managed in a way. We offer an economical and wireless solution that completes a fundamental shortcoming in digitalization by providing visibility of all assets and their status in businesses. We optimize the entire production process in industrial enterprises where equipment, materials, employees and vehicles are constantly in motion. We aim to reduce costs, increase production volume, speed and efficiency with our business solutions. By combining location and status data from various sources in businesses, we enable you to see all data on a single platform. In this way, we provide great convenience to the production industry with complex processes. We make the invisible visible by making advanced use of Wi-Fi technology. Thus, we enable enterprises to achieve advantages such as uninterrupted production, energy savings, high quality and increased profitability by carrying out their production operations in the best possible way.

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