Great Opportunity for GUHEM and BUTEKOM Bursa

The Ambassador of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adis Alagic visited the Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM) and Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM), which were brought to Bursa under the leadership of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adis Alagic first in October last year, officially inaugurated Turkey's first space-themed educational center visited guhem. Ambassador Alagic was accompanied by Muzaffer Çilek, the President of the Foundation for the Development of Relations with Bosnia Herzegovina (BIGMEV) and the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bursa. GUHEM General Manager Halit Mirahmetoğlu gave information to Ambassador Alagic and the accompanying delegation about GUHEM, which was realized with the support of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with BTSO and TÜBİTAK.


GUHEM Director Mirahmetoğlu said that the center, which was realized in line with the vision of BTSO in 2013, has an area of ​​13 thousand square meters. Noting that there are nearly 160 different mechanisms, the center is the largest in Europe and one of the few in the world, Mirahmetoğlu said, “All kinds of aviation and space-related activities are located in this center. It is based on aviation on the first floor of the center. In the simulators here, one-to-one experience of flying aircraft can be obtained. We teach you how to use a fully mobile civil aircraft. On the second floor, space theme is processed. We will start hosting our guests in our center as the effect of the pandemic disappears. Our goal is to bring many national and international events to Bursa with GUHEM. " He spoke in the form.

There are two centers of excellence

Ambassador Alagiç also visited BUTEKOM at DOSAB. BUTEKOM General Manager Dr. Mustafa Hatipoğlu made a presentation about the work carried out by the center and the centers of excellence it has. Hatipoğlu stated that BUTEKOM, which gained a different identity with the vision of BTSO, has a Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center and Advanced Composite Research and Excellence Center. Stating that BUTEKOM has strengthened the R&D-oriented activities of companies, especially automotive, textile, composite and chemistry, Hatipoğlu said that mutual visits, cooperation and joint projects can be made between BUTEKOM and the relevant research and academic institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Adis Alagic, Ambassador of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the historical and cultural cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bursa continues in the economic field. trade and industry in Bursa, indicating that one of Turkey's most important centers of attraction Adis Alagic, I realized BUTEKOM leadership in the BCCI and the potential that guhem have noted that increasing awareness of the strategic sectors. BCCI gave to the project because of Turkey celebrates Alagic, "every time we are in cooperation with the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bursa. GUHEM has a structure that will increase the curiosity of children and young people about space aviation. BUTEKOM also carries out R&D studies in strategic sectors closely followed by the world. These two projects are great opportunities for Bursa. As Bosnia and Herzegovina, we can establish new collaborations in the future. " said.

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