Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System Coming to Güzelbahçe

Güzelbahçe Municipality gave place to the Nature Movements Research Association (DOHAD) to establish an Earthquake Monitoring Center after the logistics center allocated to AKUT.

Güzelbahçe Municipality carried out serious studies regarding the earthquake after the 30 magnitude earthquake in İzmir on October 2020, 6,9. Following the council's decision to allocate land to the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT), which works with great devotion, it also allocated a place to the Nature Movements Research Association D (OHAD) to establish a monitoring station.

'We must take precautions against disasters in advance'

Stating that Van Erciş, Elazığ Sivrice and the subsequent Izmir earthquake caused great wounds in the country, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce said, “There is a fear in our country about when, where and how severe the earthquake will occur. Unfortunately, we have many old buildings in terms of building reserves. Making the building reserve earthquake-resistant is an important responsibility for our country. Because old and unreinforced structures create great fear for all of us. We must now be prepared for an earthquake. Our aim is to bring the collection and evaluation of earthquake-related data to a point. We allocated a place for AKUT in the last parliament. AKUT continues its studies. He wants to make a European Union Project. It continues its research with sponsors and European Union Projects to build a building in the place we allocate. If the application result is realized, an important step will be taken in this regard. In this step, if sufficient funds can be obtained from the European Union, they will be able to identify a system that can predict the tsunami in Güzelbahçe. In line with the protocol we have signed with DOHAD, with the decision of our council, the data that can be recorded and evaluated at the center will be obtained in Güzelbahçe. People who wish through both our municipality and the relevant institution should be able to access these data in their scientific studies. This 'Early Warning System' will try to put a link in the information chain about earthquakes with the studies it has done. We hope this too. ''

The motion discussed in the Assembly was unanimously accepted as it came from the zoning and law commissions. An Early Warning System will be established in Güzelbahçe.

Nature Movements Research Association (DOHAD)

To raise awareness of our society on natural disasters, to encourage taking measures against natural disasters, to conduct studies for predicting earthquakes and to support our scientists working in this field, In case of any natural disaster, minimizing the damage that our people and our country may suffer with both pre and post-disaster studies. to download.

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