Karaismailoğlu: "Turkey's New Generation of Satellite Technologies will produce our young Shoulder"

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of leadership for the first time held in Turkey "Satellite Technology Week" scope met with young people.

Believing in the power of young people's ideas, Minister Karaismailoğlu stated that they carried out Ideathon specific to satellite technologies to listen to them, and stated that the presentations of the ideas prepared online by the young people from the perspective of “The Future of Space and Satellite Technologies - Transportation, Communication and Defense” were evaluated by the jury.

"We believe in the power of our young people's ideas"

Reminding that the importance of space technology studies increased with information technology, biotechnology and alternative energy technologies in the 21st century, when technological developments continued at a dizzying pace, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We had a wonderful Ideathon experience where experience and dynamic youth stormed together. We believe in the power of our young people's ideas. Turkey's dynamism and diligence of our youth and the strength and potential of the space sector Considering we can see already that we will be much more successful in the future. Turkey will produce a new generation of satellite technologies shoulder to shoulder with our young people, "he said.

"We are implementing experience environments that will support the interest of young generations in this field"

Ministers Karaismailoğlu, "Turkey's considering the current strength and potential, which could promise the highest potential for future growth of the space field and Turkish Aerospace sector reminded that creates the advantage of the main theme of the week will be what will gain from this growth.

The necessity of the age in the fields of transportation and communication; mobility, digitalization and logistics stated that they will speed up the work with the holistic development-oriented strategy shaped by dynamic Karaismailoğlu "of Turkey's satellite technology we're talking about intellectual platform and the younger generation's vision, bringing to life the experiences environment to support the interest in this field. 'Scientific curiosity' goal of becoming one of the world's largest economy, which is one of our most valuable driving force for Turkey. We want our work to inspire future generations, today and tomorrow ”.

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