Who is Grover Ali?

Ali Özütemiz or as he is known as Kıvcık Ali (born October 11, 1968; Erenli, Turhal, Tokat - Date of death January 11, 2011; Büyükçekmece, Istanbul), Turkish composer, musician and singer.

Özütemiz, Turhal, was born as the youngest of nine siblings in the Erenli village of Tokat. His father died 37 days before his birth. While he was engaged in professions such as farming and shepherding in his childhood, he also learned to play baglama from the village people and played at weddings and cemevis. Özütemiz, who did not read after primary school, came to Istanbul in 1983 with the support of his brother, where he played baglama in venues such as wedding halls, and also recorded three albums, some of which he could not release and some of the songs in it will be released after his death. He got the nickname "Curly" here because of his curly hair.

In 1995, he founded Grup Turnalar with two friends. In 1999, Özütemiz's first solo album Gül Tükendi, I'm Exhausted was released. He achieved commercial success with the albums Nettle Weed in 2000 and Third Gurbet in 2004. The album Düet, which was a collaboration with Arzu Şahin, was released in 2003, while the albums Geriye Dönün Seneler and Hepimize Yeter Dünya were released in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

The artist died at the age of 11 in a traffic accident with his own vehicle in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul on January 2011, 42. Following his death, his studio album called Eleven Bir Ikibinonbir / Veda was released in the same year and this album was a commercial success. His compilation albums, Hasret and Sevdiklerim, were released in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Özütemiz was born on October 11, 1968, in the village of Erenli in the town of Turhal in Tokat, as the youngest of 9 siblings. His mother's name is Gülbahar and his father's name is Ali. His father was a minstrel known as “Aşık Ali” [4] and died in a tractor accident 37 days before Özütemiz was born. He was a shepherd and farmer in his childhood. He learned to play baglama from Mahmut Kaya, the village's poet, Sadık Körpeci, his village grandfather, and Fevzi Küpeli, a primary school teacher. Later, he started playing baglama at weddings and cemeveries. He did not read after he finished primary school.

Thanks to his brother, he came to Istanbul in 1983 and started to work at Güngör Saz House and Production Workshop in Kasımpaşa. Meanwhile, she won first place in the fall in love in a vocal contest organized by Bahar Plak. He studied solfege for three months in Istanbul, after quitting his education because he could not pay his dues, he worked in garment workshops and played tying in places such as night clubs and wedding halls, he received the nickname "curly" due to his curly hair during this period. He did his military service between 1990-1991. Between 1994 and 1998, he made 3 albums of which the compositions belong to him, but he could not release these albums. Some of the songs from these albums after his death were included in a compilation album.

1995-1998: Group Cranes
Özütemiz founded Grup Turnalar with İbrahim Akkaya and Mustafa Yılmaz in 1995 and released their first album, Türkülerden Türkülere Yol Eyledik, in 1996 with the label Devsan Kasetçilik. In the album, they interpreted works such as "This Year My Green Bond Dries up", "Ordu's Streams" and "Your Beauty Doesn't Pay Ten". Çiğdem Çiftçi joined the group in 1997. Then, in 1998, the album Türküler Identity (Our Identity) was released. This album mainly featured traditional works.

1999-2002: Rose Is Exhausted, I'm Exhausted, Nettle and the albums she contributed
In 1999, Özütemiz's first solo album, Gül Tükendi, was released under the label of Ben Tükendi İber Müzik. November 8, 2000 in Nettle albums driven market, sold 2001 units in 120.000 to 21 years in Turkey was the best-selling domestic album. He sang the track "Mehmet Ali Ağıdı" with Özarslan in the album Salkım Söğüt 2001 by Hilmi Yarayıcı and Mustafa Özarslan, released in 3. Arzu Şahin composed the song "Ayrilik", whose lyrics belong to Erdogan Alkan, in her album Ayrilik, which was released on September 6, 2002. He sang the song "Where Will You Know?" In the 2002 album Listen Dear Ülkem, released after the death of Ahmet Kaya.

2003-2005: Duet, Third Gurbet, Return with Folk Songs and the albums he contributed
The album Duet with Arzu Şahin was released on May 28, 2003 under the Iber Müzik label [18]. April 9 2004 Third Iberian gipsy music label released the same year with 160.000 units sold in Turkey folk music category in the 2004's best-selling second album locals and usually best-selling domestic album was 41. He composed the track "Oğul" in Ferhat Tunç's 2005 album "Love is an Action" and sang with Tunç.

The current members of Grup Turnalar Ali Özütemiz, İbrahim Akkaya and Çiğdem Çiftçi were joined by Mesut Çiftçi and Binali İlgün and their third album, Türkülerle Döndük, was released on June 7, 2005 under the Iber Müzik label. The album mainly featured anonymous folk songs, and the band itself took over the arrangements and album management. In addition, they sang the song "Olive Leaf Green" in the Şeyda Türküler 1 album released the same year.

2006: Go Back Years
It was published on March 3, 2006 with the Iber Music label. Artists such as Yusuf Hayaloğlu, Mahmut Erdal and Dursun Ali Akınet contributed as songwriters. In addition, the works of Nesîmî ("Yar Ali Yar"), Pîr Sultan Abdal ("I Came to See"), Fedai Baba from Amasya ("Separation") and Aşık Maksut Feryadi ("I Fell His Day") were also included. Özütemiz composed all the songs in the album, except for "Yar Ali Yar", composed by Ozan Emekçi. Besides Özütemiz, Erdal Erzincan and Erol Parlak contributed to the baglama. Özütemiz explains the meaning of the name of the album: “We are now telling with a smile and a smile about the times we had so troubled, hungry and thirsty. That's why I said 'Go Back Years'. " explained in the form.

Album, 2006 units were sold in 67.000, 45 of the most sold album of the year in Turkey was domestic.

2008-2009: Enough World for Us and the albums it contributed
It was published on July 15, 2008 under the label Hepimize Yeter Dünya İber Müzik. The album, most tax stamps areas with 24.000 in Turkey was 62 local albums. He was featured in Aydın Öztürk's Their Compositions Singed 2009, which was released in 2. In the album Bir Varmışsın, Bir Yokmuşsun, released by Berrin Kayran, released the same year, she sang the song “Yar Gözlerin Yemyeşil” with Kayran.

Personal life
Özütemiz married Şadıman Baş in 1988 and had two children from this marriage, then divorced and married Aslı Güven on January 22, 2010.

Death and after
January 11, 2011, will participate in Ankara will be published on TRT 1 television program to go to Ataturk Airport exit we extract the way from the right house, Turkey clock 05.30:294.000 near Tepecik, Büyükçekmece "death curve" is traffic that had their own cars, known as the road He died in the accident. Hadımköy was buried in Gülbahçe Cemetery in Istanbul. The General Directorate of Highways was found responsible in the lawsuit filed by his family against the General Directorate of Highways and a fine of XNUMX TL was fined.

After his death, a park in the Osman Temiz neighborhood of Çankaya, Ankara, was named after the artist. A monumental tomb competition was organized by Şişli Municipality for Özütemiz's grave in Hadımköy, in which artists such as Mehmet Aksoy, Arif Sağ and Emre Saltık participated as jury members. a condolence message to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's Republican People's Party Period has released and leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu condolence visit to the relatives of the artist. In addition, Turkish folk music artist Ali Kızıltuğ wrote a lament for the death of Özütemiz.

Starters were published after his death is a İkibinonb / Farewell is March 16, 2011. tüdyo album, the year was 60.000 units sold and the eighth best-selling domestic album of the year in Turkey published. Yıldız Tilbe took part in the song "Al Ömrümü" in the album and her son Eren Özütemiz composed and sang the ending song "Kimim Kaldı".

In Kalan Music's compilation album Aleviler'e Kalan II, dated May 30, 2014, the song "I Melanet Hırkası" by Kivircik Ali took place.

On September 17, 2014, a compilation album of his unpublished records called Hasret was released under the Iber Müzik label. In this album, Gül Tükendi featured her songs that were not recorded and released before Ben Tükendi, and songs that were recorded as backups in their studio albums and were not included in the album. The music was recorded again while the vocals were left intact in the recordings. Oral works of artists such as Aşık Hüdai, Aydın Öztürk, Dursun Ali Akınet, Mahmut Erdal, Maksut Koca and Yusuf Hayaloğlu were included in the album. The clip of the track "Sen Yalan Mıydı" in the album was created from sections of Caner Erzincan's movie called Mar. The album, 2014's best-selling 11.985 37 units sold in Turkey XNUMX years was the local album.

On June 12, 2017, his second compilation album entitled My Love was released under the Iber Music label. The album, compiled from live recordings played by Özütemiz with his orchestra, included two songs by Ahmet Kaya and the song "Belalım" by Sezen Aksu.

On November 26, 2018, the first album of his son Eren Özütemiz, which included the compositions of Kıvcık Ali, was released under the label Senden Kalan İber Müzik.

Studio albums 

  • Rose Run Out, I'm Out (1999)
  • Nettle (2000)
  • Duet (2003, joint album with Arzu Şahin)
  • Third Expatriate (2004)
  • Back to the Years (2006)
  • Enough World for All (2008)
  • Eleven One Two Thousand Eleven / Farewell (2011)

Compilation albums 

  • Longing (2014)
  • Loved Ones (2017)

Television programs 

  • A Pair of Cranes (Flash TV, with Arzu Şahin)
  • Let The Hearts Be One (Kral TV, Yusuf Hayaloğlu[54] and then with Cansu Koç[55])

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