ProManage Cloud Heart of Digitalization is in Japan

Bringing the age to factories with smart production management technology, Doruk is Chicago-based ProManage Corp. company, Asia-Pacific region partner ITO Corp. participates in Smart Factory Expo with

Technology brand Doruk's ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp. company, Japanese partner ITO Corp. attends Smart Factory Expo to be held in Tokyo on January 20-22. At the fair, which will bring together industry giants, ProManage Corp. is coming to rewrite the rules of digitalization with ProManage Cloud, the only intelligent production management system in the world that is fully integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, as well as its new product ProManage Cloud, which can be applied to businesses of all sizes.

Doruk, which has hosted many successes in the field of smart production management system, this year its American-based company ProManage Corp. and its Japanese partner ITO Corp., with whom it co-stars in the Asia Pacific market. participates in Smart Factory Expo with.

In the fair, which will be held both online and in the field as a hybrid between 20-22 January at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Show Center); Preparing to come together with many business professionals from different countries, ProManage Corp. will offer participants the opportunity to experience its new product, ProManage Cloud, with a specially created demo area.

The rules of the game in digitalization are rewritten with Promanage Cloud

As of 2021 will enable the digitalization of businesses of all sizes ProManage Cloud, we were in particularly exiting showcased in Turkey's market to maintain their profitability without interrupting the production of enterprises in these difficult times, and manage their business with a single click to be able quite crucial. ProMAnage Cloud, which is prepared to be presented to the experience of the participants at the Smart Factory Expo in Japan, has many advantages for every business that wants to be a pioneer in competition in the global market and one of the new playmakers in the digitalizing world.

One click manageable business is possible without additional cost

ProManage Cloud, an IoT-based MES MOM system designed to enable businesses to explore the digital world on the basis of their needs with small budgets, identify bottlenecks and losses and become one of the smart businesses of the future, will make it possible to have a single-click manageable business without the need for extra machine investment. ProManage Cloud, which enables to reduce system maintenance costs by transferring server and storage activities to the cloud environment, to allocate investments to be made in this field to the development of production processes and to shorten the implementation process; It aims to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes with suitable package options.

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