7 Important Cyber ​​Security Steps for Companies

For companies that started working remotely with the Covid-19 period, it is stated that this cost is more than $ 4 million. Emphasizing that malicious attacks constitute the majority of data breaches, Komtera Teknoloji Channel Sales Director Gürsel Tursun lists 7 important steps that companies should pay attention to in order to prevent data breaches.

IBM's 2020 Data Breach Cost Report research results revealed that companies suffer serious damage from data breaches. The study reported that data breaches cost companies $ 3,86 million annually, while for remote companies, this figure is $ 137.000 more than the average cost. Stating that personal customer information is particularly dangerous in violations, Gürsel Tursun, Komtera Technology Channel Sales Director, states that companies must take steps to minimize cyber security risks.

Telecommuting Companies Get Million Dollars

With the pandemic, companies that irregularly switch to the remote working system are closing 2020 with serious damage. Expressing that the primary reason for this is that companies' cyber security during the remote working process contain weak points and have problems adapting to the new process, Gürsel Tursun states that remote companies with an average data breach cost of more than $ 4 million should review their cyber security structures and provide solutions to the necessary points.

It Takes 280 Days to Detect and Control a Data Breach

Telecommuting extends the response time to attack incidents in addition to the financial process. According to the study, companies spend an average of 280 days to detect and contain a violation. At this time, while spending 207 days to identify the problem and 73 days to control the problem, 76% of the remote participants said they needed more time. In addition, stolen or lost data costs companies an average of $ 146 per registration, while the cost per recording of personal data goes up to $ 150. Reminding that both time and financial loss can damage the reputation of companies, Gürsel Tursun lists 7 important steps that companies should pay attention to in order to prevent damages caused by such data loss.

  1. Provide trainings that will raise awareness of your employees.
  2. Create double factor authentications.
  3. Check account access regularly.
  4. Don't forget to backup data.
  5. Increase the security of mobile devices.
  6. Establish a safe patch and update process.
  7. Do not hesitate to seek professional support.

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