Which Information Can WhatsApp and Similar Applications Use?

Nowadays, everybody knows how important information or data is. In other words, we are now aware that the most valuable thing is "data". So, how are these data used or for what-why?

Saying that data is like the most valuable minerals, Communication Writer Barış Karaoğlan states that the whole sales and marketing world is in pursuit of "data" and makes all its investments in these fields.

Continuing his statements on this subject, Barış Karaoğlan also drew attention to the issue of data mining, and gave information that would further resolve the confusion about the WhatsApp Agreement, which we now read and share with each other.

The Relationship between Large Companies, Advertising World and Personal Data

Most of the large companies try to determine the "target audience" first when creating their sales and marketing strategies. Because it is the target audience that is desired to be reached and valuable. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this in the digital age is data. When trying to reach the data, it is called "personal data" in order to reach the desired exactly. This is the reason why it came to the fore with the WhatsApp contract, because personal data is even more valuable than we think.

When we think that we all make even the most private posts over messaging applications, we should not forget the fact that there are “these applications” that know even our most secret secrets. These special secrets unfortunately prove that we are a marketing product in the algorithm of our habits along with our personalities.

What we innocently write to our closest friend in our posts;

"I am very unhappy, we broke up with my girlfriend"

or the opposite example; "I'm so happy, I'm pregnant, let it be between us, I learned now"

When you consider their messages, you sign up for an ad list to be shown to someone with the data "separated from the unhappy boyfriend". Likewise, you are on the ad list to be shown to someone with "happy, newly pregnant" data.

Sales and Marketing strategies are directly linked to the advertising world. If the goal is to be achieved, the targeted person should be shown the desired advertisement or promotion. Of course, marketing through channels such as Television-Newspaper-Magazine-Billboard, which we can call Traditional Media, is still accepted in the market. But now we can say that advertising models have changed completely. Since the advertiser who wants to show the advertisement or promotion of his product to the right person will hold the advertiser responsible for this, the advertiser (advertising and media companies) knows that he has to go to the correct use of the budget in order to watch or show the advertisement (video, visual, etc.) to the exact target person. Because a campaign that can be managed properly with the budget is successful, otherwise serious and unsuccessful results are highly likely to occur.

According to the correspondent writer Barış Karaoğlan, the most important is "Personal Data"

Right here, "personal data" comes into play. Putting aside the traditional and more costly ways such as Television-Newspaper-Magazine-Billboard, the advertiser seeks to have the right person watch his advertisement whenever he wants. This can be possible with data processed as it should.

If we try to elaborate this with some examples, a construction firm wants to advertise a mass housing project it has made, assume that the project is in Istanbul, Sarıyer district, its marketing methods are certain, it will either give ads to Sarıyer streets with Billboard, or try to use traditional models, or social media with today's most preferred method. will aim to use areas. It is also in this example that the most valuable part of this targeting is "data". He has so far searched for a house advertisement in Sarıyer district, whose average income or accumulation level is able to buy that house, who still continue this type of search in the last year, who increased these searches at least once or twice a week, whose average age is in the following range, etc. The advertisement, which is shown to the user that passes through a data filter with such information, has become the advertisement that can get the most accurate result.

Of course, when we multiply these examples and adapt them to all kinds of health, sports, food and beverage, clothing, white goods, electronics, furniture and many sectors, the subject will be understood more clearly.

We all live, after searching for any product from a shopping site, we see similar product advertisements and in some cases we even like it, maybe "look, I was looking for this, stop, let me take a look at this ad" we look at alternatives with our inner voices. This is a targeting method that also captures the user and never lets go. The advertising world has to develop methods around these methods.

Likewise, companies that market the channels and the right people to watch that ad (ie companies that provide the service of ensuring that the user can watch that ad) market themselves with the statement "I let the person watch your ad" That effort to "watch for the right person" also reveals the value of data mining. Because the companies that market the person to whom the ad will be watched want a payment per view when they prove to you that they are being watched. So they say; I show your ad to the person you target and you pay for the ad that I watched. This method is what the advertiser wants and likes the most. To let the target audience watch your advertisement. All statements of the advertising marketing companies of the digital age are now in this direction; They market their products by expressing that "in traditional advertising models, you may not be able to let your target audience watch the advertisement, you never know who saw your ads".

Barış Karaoğlan, who is also a Communication and Media Consultant at Prof Law Firm, continued his statements and talked about advertising models.

There are now two types of ad models, showing the ad to the targeted person. Either you set a number to watch the ad and say so many people watch my ad. Or you determine the characteristics of that person in order to show the ad to the (targeted) person you want. The user creates the person whose characteristics will be determined. We leave our personal shares, who we are, what we like, our age, weight, height, hair color, to the algorithm of a data traffic and all our information means that we become a product and be marketed.

Data Engineering will be a more preferred profession

Our habits in all of the food we eat or the drinks we drink determine the advertisements to be shown to us. In other words, we determine our own advertisement. The situation called Big Data, which may appear as "Advanced Information Management" when we go further, may increase the possibility of more serious dangers. Therefore, we can say that the data engineering profession will be a profession that we will hear a lot and be preferred in the coming years. Because it is an inevitable fact that this business goes beyond engineering.

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