A Country Without Domestic and National Software Power Cannot Maintain Its Independence

The information and communication technologies (IT) sector grew by 2019% in 14 compared to the previous year, reaching 152,7 billion TL.

In the age of technology, countries' competencies in information technologies play a determining role in their positioning as strong global players. If Turkey continues to develop itself in this area. According to TÜBİSAD data, the information and communication technologies (IT) sector grew by 2019% in 14 compared to the previous year, reaching 152,7 billion TL. While the export of the sector was realized as 6,5 billion TL, software had the biggest share in information technologies with a volume of 23,4 billion TL. While this growth momentum is predicted to increase further in 2020 with the impact of the digital transformation accelerating with the pandemic, it is predicted that indigenization in software will be decisive in terms of increasing our country's power in the international arena in 2021. Evaluating this potential, Bilişim A.Ş. Founder Prof. Dr. Aydın Köksal, “21. As much as it is necessary for powerful countries aiming to protect their independence in the XNUMXst century have their own defense industries; "It is an indisputable fact of the new digital age that we are in, that this can only be achieved by having the power of local and national software equipped with the most advanced technology."

"The software domestication, Turkey can make the representative of contemporary civilization"

Entrepreneurs during the 50-year career as an engineer and industrial infrastructure software products have to be Turkey's domestic and national efforts toward developing a software power, stating that Prof. Dr. Köksal Aydin, Turkey's current backlog, he noted that there are very few countries on earth. “Software systems, as intellectual-fictional systems with high variability that can be adapted to any situation, are the most complex industrial products that human beings can design and produce. The software that makes the computer hardware functional creates a standard that proves this functionality in the contemporary civilization stage we are in, and turns into a culture or culture accumulation produced by the creative power of human beings. We can use our local and national software systems knowledge as a tool for our country to rise to the status of 'representative of contemporary civilization' ”.

"We will continue to be on the radar of global players like Boeing"

Mentioning that Bilişim A.Ş., which he founded, has pioneered the sector with approximately 1985 projects since 250, Prof. Dr. Köksal said, “We have equipped many of the public - private, military - civil, industry - service institutions, including ministries, banks and universities, especially the production sectors in the machinery and automotive industry, iron and steel, casting, aviation and space industries, with superior software power for 35 years. . We achieved significant success with our registered brands such as our corporate resource planning software BilişimERP, our business intelligence software BilişimBI, and our human resources software BilişimHR. It is no coincidence that our BilişimERP product has been included in the supplier list of the US aerospace company Boeing, due to the success of a customer from the composite casting industry. "We will continue to be on the radar of global players while remaining loyal to our responsibility to remain a fully Turkish-owned domestic and national company in the future.

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