First Prize from NASA to Turkish Nano Technology Company Nanosilver

Nanosilver, conducting R&D studies at Cube Incubation, Technopark Istanbul's Incubation Center, won the 'Best Research' Awards at the 11th International Nano Technology Conference and the 6th World New Technologies Conference. The technologies developed by Nanosilver in the awarded projects will be used in Mars research.

Founded by young entrepreneurs Rona Gürçay and Tanra Gürçay and conducting R&D studies at Cube Incubation, the Incubation Center of Technopark Istanbul, Nanosilver produces noble metals in nano sizes and supplies raw materials to various sectors. Developing long-term protection and maximum effective hygiene solutions with nano silver sprays, which have been proven to be 19% effective on the COVID-99.99 virus by International Accredited Laboratories during the pandemic period, the company also works to bring Turkey to the world league with strategic nano technologies. Operating in Technopark Istanbul, Nanosilver won the 'Research Award of the Year' at the 11th International Nano Technology Conference held in the USA. At the 6th World New Technologies Conference held afterwards, Nanosilver also won the "Research Award of the Year" with the innovative production techniques they developed. Nanosilver also won first prize in another NASA Mars studies competition. Nanosilver, which started to work with NASA in 'Nano Silver Coating of Space Shuttle Surfaces and Equipment Used' and 'Refining with Nano Silver in Space', will also contribute to the Turkish Space Agency with 100 percent domestic and national technologies it has developed.

Succeeded to produce 'Titanium DSA Electrode Coating', which can be produced by a small number of countries.

Nanosilver, which operates in Teknopark Istanbul, where new and advanced technological studies are carried out without slowing down, succeeded in producing 'Titanium DSA Electrode Coating', which can be realized by very few countries, and supplies raw materials to various sectors by producing nano-sized noble metals. Synthesized with ecological technologies, does not contain any residue, waste or chemicals during and after production; The company, which produces 99.99 percent pure nano-metal raw materials, develops advanced technology nano products with these raw materials. Materials produced by Nanosilver; It is among the advanced materials with no alternatives that are used in many sectors such as medical, robotics, space research, food, tourism, textile, durable consumption, treatment systems, agriculture and animal husbandry.

Offers a solution to the pandemic with hygiene robots and nano hygiene sprays

HYGO Nano Silver Hygiene Spray, which has protective spray properties defined by the World Health Organization, attracts great attention in the market, especially during the pandemic period. Products that are accessible to all segments of the society in terms of cost provide great advantages in all aspects compared to their imported equivalents. Nanosilver, which makes special productions for different needs of different sectors, also offers solutions to different problems. Developed by Nanosilver with the company Bizero Robotics, HYGO Hygiene Robot covers social areas such as mass transportation vehicles and shopping malls by spraying nano silver, making common contact points sterile. The HYGO Hygiene Robot, which will be used in Istanbul after Izmir at the end of April, deactivates all bacteria and viruses for a long time thanks to its formula containing silver particles smaller than 50 nanometers.

To be used in NASA's space studies

Saying that the next R&D steps are to work with 3D printers, Nanosilver CEO Tanra Gürçay said, “We do the entire information and technology transfer of our project from Istanbul Technical University. We are the first and only company in Turkey that produces nano silver using these methods and techniques. We are currently carrying out 14 R&D projects, ”he said. Gürçay said, “Nano silver technology is used in space research. In extraterrestrial research, no microorganism should be transported from the world to space so that there are no misleading results. For this reason, vehicle surfaces are covered with nano silver. The nano-silver technique we developed within the scope of the project we presented to NASA and won first place will be used in NASA's space studies, surface coating designs, and water treatment projects. He explains that nano silver allows to purify very large volumes of liquids.

"All domestic, national and cost 50 percent less"

Speaking about Technopark Istanbul, Gürçay said, “In Technopark Istanbul, we produce strategically important productions for our country. We have succeeded in producing Titanium DSA Electrode Coating technology, which can be produced by very few countries in the world, in Turkey by developing it with our original production technique. We receive great demand from our domestic companies that import this material, which is strategically important for the defense industry of our country. The entire electrode is domestic, national and its cost is 50 percent less than its imported counterparts. " says.

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