Lincoln Electric New Welding Training Simulator from Turkey

Lincoln Electric Turkey, one of the leading companies in the welding sector; designed for welding training applications; launches the compact and mobile welding training simulator VRTEX 360 Compact.

VRTEX 360 Compact, which provides a highly realistic view of the weld pool in response to operator movements and can simulate real-world weld sounds; It also realistically simulates the look, feel and movement of welding torches with its retractable MMA, gas metal, cored wire and TIG torch. With the new VRTEX 360 Compact, virtual welding training can be seamlessly transferred to the real world, namely applied welding training. Developed ideally for welding students, welding instructors and industry, the simulator has a 3-year parts and labor warranty. VRTEX 360 Compact and Lincoln Electric Turkey's innovative products can be examined at.

Lincoln Electric Turkey's powerful and state-of-the-art welding training simulator VRTEX 360 Compact draws attention with its affordable cost and small size while improving its welding skills quickly. The simulator's superior graphics, which create the most realistic and precise weld fill available, offer a believable simulation experience with accurate sound and movements. Being the first virtual welding trainer with optional cutting mode, VRTEX 360 Compact allows students to experience torch cutting in a virtual environment. Lincoln Electric Turkey's new training simulator makes significant contributions to welding training thanks to its thermal oxyfuel cutting feature, which is designed to handle all real-world cutting applications, from setting up the torch to cutting. VRTEX 360 Compact supports different levels of learning, from basic skills for beginners to advanced skills for professionals. Helping to fill the skills gap between training and industry, the simulator increases productivity by reducing the failure rate with training time and helps welders in industrial companies improve their skills.

With VRTEX 360 Compact, Lincoln Electric Turkey's new welding training simulator, it is possible to save on equipment, materials, consumables and energy. VRTEX 360 Compact, which is a cost-effective and compact device, contributes to more efficient results in welding training in a shorter time than real welding machines, and has the advantage of providing skills and training to more welders compared to classical welding training on real machines. It can reveal the reasons why a weld has passed or failed, while instantly showing test results such as virtual bending.

Creating a safe welding environment, the simulator allows re-welding without wasting time on plate fastening and scrapping. Designed to optimize the teaching and training experience of an entire classroom, VRTEX 360 Compact; It has 3 screens: helmet view, scoring screen and trainer views. It consumes less energy than a conventional welding machine, wire feeder and a welding fume control system, which minimizes material waste and your environmental footprint, saves shielding gas, welding electrodes, welding coupons, and operates without welding fume removal. VRTEX 360 Compact and Lincoln Electric Turkey's innovative products can be examined at.

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