Today's Most Influential Mathematicians


Mathematics is the oldest science. In fact, it stretches from the earliest societies in Ancient Egypt and Sumer (modern-day Iraq) to the cradle of civilization that emerged. Like our natural languages, the development of mathematics probably began for practical reasons, such as keeping track of inventory and taxes. Tracking means counting and measuring, and to a large extent, the study of mathematics is still based on numbers. But math is so much more.

Mathematics Throughout History

The early Greek thinkers extended the Egyptian and Sumerian systems to the mathematics of shapes and places with Euclid's geometry. The Scientific Revolution brought us systems for describing rates of change developed by Enlightenment geniuses such as Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz. Today we have string theory, knot theory, and abstract analysis of multidimensional shapes that seem odd to the ancients (and non-mathematicians today). Mathematics has continually expanded into more powerful and abstract fields of study. Professional mathematicians understandably specialize, and only a few truly great mathematicians can honestly be said to understand most of this field. Yet, in the end, the math keeps counting.

The study of numbers and the numerical treatment of structures, shapes and changes is one of the most powerful fields of study, from abstract physics to making modern science and technology possible - one of the central discoveries of all humanity. Plans for an iPhone or a car. Mathematics rules the world. And in this list, we will meet the most influential and brilliant mathematicians in our modern world.

Below, we'll look at influential mathematicians over the past decade. Based on our ranking methodology, these individuals significantly influenced the academic discipline of mathematics in the period 2010-2020. The effect can be produced in a variety of ways. Some had revolutionary ideas, some may have climbed in popularity, but they are all academics primarily working in the field of mathematics. Read more about our methodology.

Note: This is not a simple list of the most influential mathematicians alive today. Here, we focus on the citation count and web presence of scholars over the past 10 years. There have been some extremely influential scientists in the last 10 years who just aren't quoted and talked about much, whereas some new faces are making a splash in news, speaking events, and publishing, publishing, publishing.

The Ten Most Influential Mathematicians Today

  • Keith Devlin
  • Terence tao
  • Ian Stewart
  • John Stillwell
  • Bruce C. Berndt
  • Timothy Gowers
  • Peter Sarnak
  • Martin Hairdresser
  • Ingrid Daubechies
  • andrew wiles

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